‘Always believe in yourself and live with joy.’ — This is the life advice Megan Rapinoe has for her younger self and all young people.
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Megan Rapinoe wanted to be just like her brother so she started to play soccer. The co-captain of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team grew up playing soccer in California, and later attended University of Portland in 2004 on an athletic scholarship. She told NowThis News in a March 2019 interview that her interest in soccer came out of the desire to be like her brother.

Megan Rapinoe, Co-captain, U.S. Women’s Soccer team
My older brother played, Brian, he’s five years older. So he played and I think my mom would just take [my twin and I] to basically be her babysitters. We would go to practice with him and play on the side but I always wanted to be like him and do everything that he did.

Rapinoe says she was an awkward teen.

Megan Rapinoe, Co-captain, U.S. Women’s Soccer team
I wish I could just tell her that like you’re going to be really awkward for the next 6 years but you’re going to be fine after that and to always believe in yourself, and to enjoy every step of the ride ‘cause it’s about to get crazy, and amazing, and totally nuts.

When asked what she would tell younger generations, Rapinoe emphasized self-affirmation and confidence.

Megan Rapinoe, Co-captain, U.S. Women’s Soccer team
Always believe in yourself. Help other people no matter what. That’s your responsibility as a person to make sure that the world is a better place, so whether that’s telling a million people or telling one person, and to Always believe in yourself and live with joy.

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