This is my first visit to India thanks to Michelin Tyres (@michelin) & Mercedes AMG India (@mercedesbenzind)! I’m visiting Mumbai and Bangalore to meet you all and join a Supercar Rally.

Special thanks to Phoenix MarketCity Mall in Mumbai and the Hammered Pub & Grub to host the meet & greets. Also special thanks to the organisers DND Media India and ITP Live!

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Music by:
Kiring Kiring by Bapi Das Baul
Eternal (feat. Sinan Cem Eroglu) – Azam Ali & Loga R. Torkian
Charukeshi – Jayme Stone
Mumbai Bounce (feat. Ace/Mumbai’s Finest) – Janapriyan Levine
Sorcerer’s Swing – Janapriyan Levine
Sargam – Somchanda Bhattacharya
Lonely Island – Christian Davis

This trip and video was sponsored by Mercedes AMG India & Michelin Tyres.