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‘House of Cards’ star Michael Kelly thinks the current state of politics made his show ‘not so crazy anymore.’
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‘It’s really hard for me to watch the president of the United States speak right now. It, sort of, made ‘House of Cards’ become this not so crazy show anymore.’

Michael Kelly can’t believe a female U.S. president is still only ‘House of Cards’ fiction.

‘You had a woman run for president, the most qualified candidate to run in a very long time, and she wasn’t elected. That, to me,—I can’t wrap my head around it.

We’ve never been more divided as a country, and it’s awful to me. And I, in my opinion, I do believe that there will be a Democrat or a Republican who will somewhat bring us together some point down the line.

But, in my belief, I think the only real way it’ll ever happen is if you had a true independent run. You know, I think we’d be a better place if we had a three party system.’

The silver lining of Trump’s presidency is children are getting better educated about issues that matter.

‘I have a 6-year-old a 9-year-old, and when I can’t let them watch the president the United States speak there’s something very wrong.

My kids go to public school, and they are educating these children on social issues now. You know, I don’t know that if we had a Hillary Clinton in office that it would be the same. Would we be this aware?
I truly feel like sometimes you’ve got to take a step backwards before you take a step forward.’

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