DeRay McKesson on Whiteness, White Supremacy, and Privilege | NowThis

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Civil rights activist Deray McKesson wants white people to examine how they benefit from the system of white supremacy.
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Deray: ‘White supremacy is a system that says that white people are the norm, are normative, are worth more and are valued at the expense of others. When we think about a culture that that idea spawns, it is whiteness. And then we think about white people as people who benefit from the system of white supremacy whether they participate in it actively or not. And part of this work is about helping people understand that allies and accomplices are people who, like, understand the work. They understand that there’s an issue. And understanding white privilege says that I get that I participate in a dominant culture and I benefit from a system of white supremacy whether I’ve done something supremacist or not. And that is like a personal recognition.

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