Plastic pollution has ruined these baby turtles’ home and left many of them dead.
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Pollution has ruined this baby sea turtle’s home. Photographer Caroline power took these videos of baby sea turtles as they struggled in plastic trash. Unfortunately not all of them survived.

“This seaweed was filled with plastic. It was disgusting. I found baby turtles resting on plastic bags and on gallon bottles. Others were crawling across the top of plastic filled seaweed. Others had died and were floating, wrapped in plastic.”

Last year the same area went viral for plastic pollution. But litter from Honduras & Nicaragua is still washing into the ocean. The baby sea turtles live in Sargassum seaweed. It provides them with food and protects them from predators. If the seaweed washes ashore the turtles can suffocate and die.

Caroline saved 18 babies from the seaweed and sent them to a turtle rehabilitation center where all 18 are still alive. 8 Million tons of plastic enter the ocean from land each year.

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