Dareen Tatour sentenced to five months in prison over poem

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Dareen Tatour convicted for posting a poem titled “Resist, my people resist them” on her Facebook page.

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Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour has been sentenced to five months in prison for a poem she posted on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Tatour, 36, an Israeli citizen was sentenced by the Nazareth district court. She has already served nearly three years in house arrest.

In May, she was convicted of online incitement to “terrorism” for using a poem as the soundtrack to images of Palestinians in violent confrontations with Israeli troops that she posted on Facebook and YouTube.

A resident of the Galilee village of Reineh near Nazareth, Tatour was arrested in October 2015 after publishing a poem titled “Resist, my people resist them”.

The indictment against her includes her lines:

“I will not succumb to the ‘peaceful solution’

Never lower my flags

Until I evict them from my land.”

“My trial ripped off the masks,” Tatour told Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“The whole world will hear my story. The whole world will hear what Israel’s democracy is. A democracy for Jews only. Only Arabs go to jail. The court said I am convicted of terrorism. If that’s my terrorism, I give the world a terrorism of love.”

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies

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