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The AI Revolution is Beyond Our Matrix | Xerxes Voshmgir | TEDxKlagenfurt

On the verge of the superhuman revolution and the exponential age, artificial intelligence might become the next step in human evolution. Xerxes describes with the convergence of AI, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain we create the first intelligent autonomous technological...

/ September 19, 2019

Regolamentare Bitcoin? | Paolo Burlone | TEDxBariSalon

Il mondo di Bitcoin è tanto liquido e mutevole da mettere in crisi le convinzioni di un professionista che ha studiato per anni i concetti di scambio, di moneta, di valuta… Applicare le nozioni classiche, come le categorie reddituali ad...

/ September 9, 2019

In che modo Bitcoin sta plasmando la nostra società? | Gabriele Sabbatini | TEDxBariSalon

Satoshi Nakamoto ha inventato il primo asset digitale trasferibile tra privati senza la possibilità che nessuno possa censurare la transazione. Queste caratteristiche, specialmente la non censurabilità, possono cambiare radicalmente il design delle forme politico-economiche della nostra società. Durante il talk...

/ September 9, 2019

Blockchain is wild! | Filomena Tucci | TEDxBariSalon

Creativa coraggiosa e anticonformista, Milly Tucci è nota in Puglia per aver supportato vari programmi di Innovazione, tra cui La scuola creatività con Delli Noci a Lecce ma anche per essere stata advisor di programmi nazionali come Smart City e...

/ September 9, 2019

Blockchain technology and how to help the farmer make profit | Femi Aliu | TEDxFUNAAB

"A crisis is Coming and it's the food crisis" Femi Aliu Royal is the CEO of Myfarmbase This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at...

/ August 20, 2019

Bitcoin – a new type of digital currency | Zihang Xia | TEDxYouth@HFLSCAL

Have you heard of digital money? How can Bitcoin change the way of money exchange? Mr. Xia's speech will give you a better understanding of Bitcoin. I am strong!!! The virtual currency represented by bitcoin may completely change our consumption...

/ August 1, 2019

Facebook’s Authoritarian Money Grab

“Don’t be surprised,” said Terence Ray, one of the hosts of the Whitesburg, Ky.-based podcast “The Trillbillies,” “if Mark Zuckerberg starts trying to pay his employees in ‘Facebook Bucks.’ ” Ray made that comment in late May during a Means TV...

/ June 21, 2019

Can Blockchain Save the World? | Guest: Patrick Byrne | Ep 11

Patrick Byrne, CEO and Founder of Overstock, joins Matt Kibbe to discuss the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology to lift entire nations out of poverty, fix voter fraud, and make government middlemen irrelevant. Also, the early days of the Grateful...

/ May 1, 2019

Why You Need a Physical Vault to Secure a Virtual Currency

I am transfixed by the plummeting signal strength on my phone as employees of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase close the flap of the stuffy silver tent I’m standing inside. The fabric walls enclose a cubic space about 8 feet across and...

/ August 29, 2018

Meet Santiago Siri, the Man With a Radical Plan for Blockchain Voting

In a café on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a one-time videogame developer turned political theorist named Santiago Siri is trying to explain to me how his nonprofit startup, Democracy.Earth, aims to fix the world’s broken politics with the...

/ August 16, 2018

Cryptos See Widespread Green, But Total Market Cap Remains Close to 3-Month Low

August 12: Crypto markets are seeing solid gains today in a fresh attempt at recovery following recent losses. Bitcoin (BTC) dominance –– or the percentage of total crypto market cap that is Bitcoin’s –– is continuing to see a 2018...

/ August 12, 2018

Report: Ready-to-Use Malware for Bitcoin ATMs Found for Sale Online

Tokyo-based security software manufacturer Trend Micro has found Bitcoin (BTC) automated teller machine (ATM) malware available for purchase online, according to a blog post published August 7. In the blog post, Trend Micro cites an advertisement posted by an “apparently...

/ August 9, 2018

Crypto Markets Slump Following SEC Bitcoin ETF Delay

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/ August 8, 2018

US SEC Postpones Decision Regarding Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund

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/ August 8, 2018

Decentralized Apps Might Be the Future but They’re Not the Present

Technology To their proponents, dapps – decentralized applications – are the future of internet. To their critics, they’re multi-million dollar sinkholes, with huge development costs, poor UI, and no users. Are dapps like Augur and IDEX early test cases for...

/ August 7, 2018

Here Is How Blockchain Will Help to Explore Space

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/ August 6, 2018

Bitcoin Hovers Near $7,000, While Altcoins Show Marked Signs of Recovery

August 5: After yesterday’s market nosedive, Bitcoin (BTC) is up just slightly, hovering around the $7,000 mark. All major altcoins are however showing marked signs of recovery, up between one and seven percent, as data from Coin360 shows. Market visualization...

/ August 5, 2018

Queensland, Australia Invests Portion of its $6.1Mil Ignite Ideas Fund in Crypto Startup

News Queensland, Australia is giving away millions with its Ignite Ideas fund. This week, it posted details regarding the AUD$8.3 million grant ($6.1 million USD). Something like 70 regional companies shared the bounty, including a cryptocurrency startup, Travelbybit, which managed...

/ August 5, 2018