Category: Science

Wolf-like Animal Baffles Montana Scientists

Specialists from the state’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks are working to determine what creature a rancher shot and killed.

Placental Health Influences Baby’s Future Schizophrenia Risk, Study Suggests

Complications during pregnancy may act via the placenta to magnify the effects of genetic risk factors.

USC President Steps Down in Wake of Gynecologist Scandal

An uproar over the university’s handling of sexual misconduct accusations led to C.L. Max Nikias’s resignation.  

Great Barrier Reef Experienced Five Massive Die-Offs in 30,000 Years

The reef has bounced back from “death events” in the past, but that doesn’t mean it will be resilient over the next few decades.

Another Retraction for Discredited Researcher

Robert Ryan resigned from the University of Dundee in 2016 following an investigation of misconduct.

Chair of Chemical Safety Board to Step Down

Vanessa Allen Sutherland will resign next month, leaving the agency with just three members of what should be a five-person board.

Arizona Moves to Alter Wording About Evolution in Education

Proposed changes to the state’s school science standards would emphasize that parts of the theory are “not proven.”

Bioluminescent Bacteria in a Wifi Pill Track Gut Health in Pigs

The micro-bio-electronic device combines bacteria that can detect certain molecules along with wifi-connected electrical outputs.

Present-Day Arboreal Birds Have Ground-Dwelling Past

A mass extinction event from an asteroid hitting Earth wiped out forests and, concurrently, tree-dwelling birds.  

Deep Brain Stimulation Boosts Insulin Sensitivity

One patient with diabetes was able to reduce his medication use while receiving targeted electrical pulses.

What Made Human Brains So Big?

Ecological challenges such as finding food and creating fire may have led the organ to become abnormally large, a new computer model suggests.

Congress Passes “Right to Try” Bill

Medical groups have criticized the legislation, which will give terminal patients access to experimental treatments, as dangerous and unnecessary.

Ebola Update: Funding, Vaccines, and More Deaths in DRC

A total of 27 people have died since April, but new funds and the deployment of an experimental vaccine are expected to help contain the virus.

Nipah Virus Kills 10 in India

Fruit bats are a reservoir for the disease, which can cause brain damage.

Prevalent Form of Childhood Leukemia May Be Preventable

Early exposure to common microbes could stop leukemia from manifesting in children.

Conservation Biologist Ben Collen Dies of Bone Cancer

The University College London researcher investigated how environmental pressures affect animals.

Chris Fall Picked to Lead the Department of Energy’s Office of Science

Fall served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Barack Obama.

USDA to Warn Some Facilities Ahead of Animal Welfare Inspections

A pilot program announced last month will consider combining announced and surprise inspections.