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The Atlantic Daily: The Vatican’s Time for a Deeper Reckoning

What We’re Following Hundreds of top Catholic leaders are meeting in a first-ever summit to address how to protect minors. The event is at least one sign that Pope Francis is taking the Church’s global,

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might only launch on two of the big US carriers

Samsung’s very fancy foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, will be available on two carriers when it launches in the US in a couple months: AT&T and T-Mobile. As for everyone else? Samsung hasn’t said, but

Mark Zuckerberg explains why an ad-free Facebook isn’t as simple as it sounds

As trust in Facebook and its ability to handle user data has eroded over the past year, one particular question has been asked a lot: Why isn’t there an ad-free version of Facebook? The general

A DIY Bitcoin Lightning Node Project Just Hit Its 1.0 Milestone

A project aiming to empower people to build bitcoin lightning nodes has hit a notable milestone.

Lyft reportedly plans to debut on Nasdaq next month

Ride-hailing company Lyft plans to file its initial public offering in March possibly beating rival Uber to the milestone. Two reports, one from Reuters, the other from WSJ, indicate Lyft plans to list its shares on Nasdaq next month. The WSJ, citing unnamed sources, reported Lyft may make the filing public as early as next […]

Lithuania Central Bank’s Policy Update Opens the Door for Crypto Payments

Financial Companies in Lithuania to Accept Cryptocurrencies Through Third PartiesThe central bank of Lithuania has updated its position on cryptocurrencies and tokens issued through initial coin offerings. The regulator has revised the definition of these assets specifying the conditions under which financial institutions can operate with digital money and accept crypto payments. Also read: Court Rules Brazil’s Bitcoin Max Exchange Can Keep Bank Account […]

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The best investment you should make might not be what you think

It’s an unlikely place to look, but lessons from the world of financial investing provide us with some clues as to how we can protect ourselves from the ravages of relationship breakdown, writes Andrew Robertson.

Dog waits patiently until someone stops traffic so it can cross the street


Unlike chickens, dogs crossing the road are a serious matter. 

On a snowy day in Chelyabinsk, Russia, a dog waited patiently to be escorted across a busy street. 

The incident, which was captured on a dashcam, shows a person in uniform approach traffic and guide the dog across the road. Once across, the dog goes on its merry way. 

“Chelyabinsk is not so harsh,” Andrey Balam’s translated tweet reads. 

 With the evidence at hand, we’d have to agree. 

Though jaywalking is usually seen as a crime, we’re sure this dog got off just fine. Read more…

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Review: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, Hidden in Plain Sight

Oh, I see, it’s a British working-class comedy. That’s why I liked it so much!

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Putin warns US with new missiles aimed at Western capitals

Moscow will retaliate in kind if US deploys new missiles in Europe, Russian president says as he addresses the nation.

Korea Casino Cluster Coming To Incheon – Probably

Paradise City, a US$1.4 billion integrated resort in Incheon, includes an arty take on the traditional Korean bath house.Muhammad Cohen A recent article by The Innovation Group’s Michael Vanaskie examines the casino cluster effect in

Hacker Noon Dev Stories at GitHub’s SF HQ on Feb 28

But first, shout out to our investors of the week: Steve Konves, Nick Caldwell, and Margus Eha 🙂 Our equity crowdfund is up to $1.01M from 1,060 investors, and is ending soon. Lets share dev stories!

Health: The antibiotic resistance crisis deepens

European healthcare systems are increasingly dealing with new bacteria which resist traditional antibiotics. The situation threatens quality standards and budgets across Europe. See more.

Saudis Facing Criminal Charges in the U.S. Keep Disappearing. Is the Kingdom Helping Them Escape?

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, The Oregonian newspaper is reporting federal law

Ep 1 | Behind the Libertarian Curtain | Guest: Glenn Beck

Matt Kibbe offers Glenn Beck a peek behind the libertarian curtain, where they discuss the War on Drugs, socialism, and why some libertarians keep driving potential allies away.

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Using a multivariable linear regression model to predict the sprint speed of players in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 Source: I play FIFA games occasionally but classify myself as a relatively strong player who wins more often than not against other casual players. I am not a huge soccer fan in

Great Australian Bight drilling plan sparks fears of oil spill

A Norwegian oil company hopes to undertake experimental drilling in the Great Australian Bight.