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It’s now been 10 years since Russia illegally annexed Crimea following an invasion using troops without Russian uniforms. It was the beginning of a decade-long war with Ukraine – culminating in the full-scale invasion two years ago.

Its position on the Black Sea makes Crimea a strategically important asset. The peninsula serves as a key base for naval fleets and safeguards security interests in the region. Crimea is home to both ethnic Russians and Ukrainians – as well as indigenous Crimean Tatars and others.

Russia’s annexation tactics there are being used to claim other territories in Ukraine.

Following the illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia made promises to improve the lives of the people living there. Ten years on the situation has deteriorated. Western sanctions have impacted the economy and Russia has been cracking on human rights. For the Ukrainian leadership and the Crimean Tatars, the liberation of Crimea remains imperative.

For more on this, we’re joined by Maria Tomak. She is the head of the Crimea Platform – an initiative launched by Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy which is designed to coordinate the international response to the ongoing occupation of Crimea.

0:00 ten years of war
4:10 Oleksiy Goncharenko, Ukrainian Opposition Lawmaker
12:00 Maria Tomak, The Crimea Platform

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