Here's What Happened To JFK's Clothes After He Was Shot - Grunge

Though he wasn’t wearing it at the time of his assassination, John F. Kennedy did have another accessory making up his outfit on that fateful day. Per White House History, he wore a different necktie while en-route to Texas but swapped it out just before he got into the limousine in which he would be assassinated. However, he put the original tie in his jacket pocket.

It isn’t known why it wasn’t locked away like the other items of clothing Kennedy was wearing, but the tie he wore during his flight was gifted to Preston Bruce, doorman of the White House. Jacqueline Kennedy herself gave the tie to Bruce, saying, “The president would have wanted you to have this,” per White House History. Other than this gift from Jacqueline to Bruce, the rest of Kennedy’s clothes remain sealed away for preservation purposes by the National Archives and Records Administration. As for the clothes Jacqueline Kennedy wore on the day of her husband’s death, they remain in similar conditions to her husband’s.