Republicans STILL Have No Idea How Much Trouble They're In

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good is refusing to admit that abortion is a losing issue for the GOP. John Iadarola and Aida Rodriguez break it down on The Damage Report.

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Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) offered a novel take on Monday as to why the Democrats were able to recapture both houses of the state’s General Assembly last week – the party’s abortion platform wasn’t restrictive enough.

“We just came off of an election in Virginia. And the narrative now is, oh, abortion is a loser. We got to surrender on abortion. We got to give in on abortion,” Good began at the hard right think tank.

“We’ve got to be like the Democrats on abortion. Then maybe we can win elections. I would argue what’s the point of winning elections if you’re not going to fight for life?” he added, continuing:

“But beyond that, what was Virginia’s position? What was the state of Virginia’s political leadership position on abortion? We’re okay with 94% of abortions because we want a 15-week ban. And the Democrats, the other side wants 100% of abortions. So we’re going to rally in the red areas and the conservatives and the red base to fight for 6% of abortions. And I submit that’s the reason why we had low red turnout in Virginia.

For those who are reading into that, this was all about one particular issue, that people didn’t vote on inflation and grocery prices and gas prices and crime and the border and education, everything else that we’re winning on. We lost only because everybody who voted in Virginia was voting on whether or not they could have abortions up to the moment. Abortion, you have to pay for with your tax dollars.””


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