Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine survive the war? | To the point

Ukraine’s highly anticipated counteroffensive has so far failed to show significant victories. With dire consequences for its troops. A shortage of ammunition and less support from the West have brought the war against Russia to a standstill. Many Ukrainians are dreading the approaching winter because of renewed Russian attacks on critical infrastructure – and they’re also worried about being abandoned by the West altogether. Will the winter bring a war of exhaustion that will further jeopardize Ukrainian integrity and independence?
On To the Point we ask: Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine survive the war?

Gesine Dornblüth, is a radio journalist and author, and former correspondent for Germany’s Deutschlandfunk in Russia.
Roman Goncharenko, is my DW colleague from Ukraine, currently working with DWs Russian service in Bonn
Gustav Gressel, is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations here in Berlin

0:00 Critical moments in the war in Ukraine
3:00 Neither side can achieve a breakthrough
4:00 How long will the war go?
5:10 Russia and Ukraine are approaching a stalemate
8:30 Russia has more soldiers and military capabilities
9:30 Inside Russia, there’s almost no opposition to the war
11:30 Oppression in Russia on the rise; Putin will stay in power
12:30 Sanctions against Russia are not working
15:00 Ukraine needs more weapons – sanctions against Russia must be toughened
18:00 The war in Ukraine is a war against the democracy
19:00 Ukraine urgently needs modern weapons
23:00 Russians barely talk about the war
25:00 Russia believes it can ultimately win this war


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