Could Hezbollah drag Lebanon into a war with Israel? | DW News

The threat of an escalation in the war between Israel and Hamas has been a dominant topic in the international media for days. One country is at the top of the list in most of the feared escalation scenarios: Israel’s northern neighbor Lebanon, home to the radical Shiite Hezbollah political party and military group, which is supported by Hamas and even more so by Iran.

Hezbollah, a central political force in Lebanon’s complex power structure, declared a “day of rage” in the wake of the Al-Ahli hospital tragedy but has so far avoided a military escalation. Many observers say that Hezbollah fighters could quickly find themselves challenged if the Israeli offensive in Gaza expands and parts of the territory are even occupied by Israel.

The result would be a possible two-front war. Almost all military experts agree that this would be an enormous military show of force by Israel that would further destabilize the entire region.

Hezbollah aims for the destruction of Israel and is classified as a terrorist organization in many Western countries, including the US and Germany. Militarily, it is also much more powerful than Hamas, with experts estimating that it has a current weapons stockpile of at least 100,000 rockets. In recent weeks, Israeli soldiers are said to have already killed armed fighters who advanced as far as Israel in repeated skirmishes along the border.


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