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Telework’s tax mess: A permanent side effect of the pandemic

As teleworkers flit from city to city, they're creating a huge tax mess.Why it matters: Our tax laws aren't built for telecommuting, and this new way of working could have dire implications for city and state budgets."There’s gonna be a…

/ January 27, 2021

‘My Practice Looks Very Different Today’: 15 Artist-Mothers on Balancing Work and Family After a Year Like No Other

The events of 2020 turned the world upside down for everyone. But the burden of life in lockdown has predominantly fallen on women, and on mothers in particular, with many pressured to leave the workforce entirely to focus on childcare…

/ January 4, 2021

These Are the 22 Art Projects That Social Media Went Bananas Over in 2020

As the phrase “going viral” took on a new, far more literal definition this year, art that went viral on the internet evolved into a role more important than ever. While we were stuck at home, art shared online served…

/ December 28, 2020

So you think economic downturns cost lives? Our findings show they don’t

Throughout the coronavirus recession we’ve been told there’s a balancing act when it comes to lives. On one hand, lockdowns save lives by limiting the spread of coronavirus. On the other, they are said to cost lives by winding back…

/ November 24, 2020

Sen. Rick Scott tests positive for COVID-19

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) tweeted Friday that he tested positive for the coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms. The state of play: Scott is the second Republican senator to test positive this week, following Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. Scott has…

/ November 20, 2020

Ways To Celebrate NAIDOC Week In 2020: ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’

NAIDOC Week is held in Australia each year to acknowledge and celebrate the history, diverse culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.While usually held in July, NAIDOC Week has been pushed back this year due to COVID-19,…

/ November 5, 2020

From 10 to 300 Million Daily Participants in 12 weeks! Zoom CIO Harry Moseley | Nico Rosberg

My next #Leaders4Good episode! Find out how Zoom increased their number of Daily Meeting Participants from 10 to 300 Million in just 12 weeks! Subscribe to my channel for the next episode: https://bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT Content Guide: 2:00 Zoom’s historic growth in…

/ May 28, 2020