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Barack Obama Trolls Donald Trump With Birther Joke

Former US President Barack Obama poked fun at President Donald Trump’s baseless and racist birther attacks on him in a preview of an interview that will air in full on Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.” In the teaser clip released…

/ December 15, 2020

Tech Giants Are Becoming Defenders of Democracy. Now What?

On Tuesday, a trifecta of tech companies announced that they had thwarted what appear to be significant cyberattacks from Russia and Iran. First, Microsoft CEO Brad Smith announced that the company had caught another round of phishing attacks on political…

/ August 22, 2018

Blind loyalty

John Chen Contributor There is a secret behind every open office in Silicon Valley — and it isn’t the drain on productivity. Tech companies have been the vanguards for pushing corporate culture forward toward “radical transparency.” Mark Zuckerberg works in…

/ August 11, 2018

Online Hate Is Rampant. Here’s How to Keep It From Spreading

Back in the last presidential campaign season, reporters on the tech and politics beats began noticing a rise in far-right memes that supported Trump. Memes being memes, these seemed initially like weird, off-color jokes. They wondered: What the hell is…

/ August 2, 2018