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Speculative crypto art market takes off

Move over, GameStop. The newest speculative game in town is NFTs — digital files that can be owned and traded on a plethora of new online platforms.Why it matters: Most NFTs include some kind of still or moving image, which…

/ February 25, 2021

The Economics of Hollywood

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/ February 21, 2021

Conservation Experts Fear That a New Amusement Park in Cambodia Could Endanger the Ancient Temple of Angkor Wat

Plans to build a new amusement park and resort near Cambodia’s most famous historic site, the Angkor Archaeological Park, have worried conservation experts. In November, the Cambodian government granted NagaCorp, a Hong Kong-based company that runs the NagaWorld hotel and casino in…

/ February 19, 2021

Telework’s tax mess: A permanent side effect of the pandemic

As teleworkers flit from city to city, they're creating a huge tax mess.Why it matters: Our tax laws aren't built for telecommuting, and this new way of working could have dire implications for city and state budgets."There’s gonna be a…

/ January 27, 2021

An Unopened First Edition Set of Pokémon Cards, Deemed ‘the Pinnacle of Pokémon Collecting,’ Just Fetched $408,000 at Auction

Did your mother make you throw out your old Pokémon cards? Now you have an opportunity to show her that they really could have been worth a lot of money one day. An unopened first edition set of Pokémon cards…

/ January 22, 2021

This Rare Color Tintin Drawing Just Sold for €3.2 Million, Setting a New World Record for an Original Comic Strip

A picture by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé (1907–1983) has set a new record for the most expensive work of comic book art, selling for €3.2 million ($3.8 million) on January 14 at an auction at Artcurial in Paris. The 1936 gouache painting was originally intended…

/ January 14, 2021

‘My Practice Looks Very Different Today’: 15 Artist-Mothers on Balancing Work and Family After a Year Like No Other

The events of 2020 turned the world upside down for everyone. But the burden of life in lockdown has predominantly fallen on women, and on mothers in particular, with many pressured to leave the workforce entirely to focus on childcare…

/ January 4, 2021

Making sense of the $28 billion Salesforce-Slack deal

As with most big deals in tech, the key question to ask about Salesforce's $28 billion purchase of Slack isn't whether the price is too high or low, but whether the combination makes sense.Between the lines: Big Tech companies have…

/ December 2, 2020

A Group of Brooklyn Artists Is Opening a Neighborhood Dive Bar and Art Gallery to Revive Community in the Isolation Era

In February, artist Brian Whiteley signed a lease on a former tax office in Brooklyn with the plan to realize a long-held dream of opening a permanent art space that would be part bar, part gallery, part performance venue. The…

/ November 27, 2020

The winners and losers of the COVID holiday season

The pandemic has upended Thanksgiving and the shopping season that the holiday kicks off, creating a new crop of economic winners and losers.The big picture: Just as it has exacerbated inequality in every other facet of American life, the coronavirus…

/ November 26, 2020

What’s Up With That Pig Couch? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Internet’s Latest Obsession—and the Artist Behind It

The mystery of the Craigslist pig couch has finally been solved. For years, its origins have been unknown, even as ads offering the unique piece of furniture periodically popped up in cities across the US. But while the ads are a…

/ November 19, 2020

Thousands of US Museums Could Close Forever as the Financial Effects of Lockdown Turn Existential, a New Report Finds

Eight months since museums across the US were forced to abruptly close, institutions have lost millions of dollars and are struggling to survive, according to a new report from the American Alliance of Museums. Roughly 30 percent of US museums remain…

/ November 17, 2020

Why Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Announcement Has Experts So Enthusiastic

Another experimental COVID-19 vaccine is provinghighly effective in trials, according to its manufacturer, boosting hopes that people around the world could be immunised sometime in the coming year. The company, Moderna, said on Monday that its vaccine is 94.5% effective, based…

/ November 17, 2020

A Hedge-Fund Manager Whose Company Sold a Fake Frans Hals at Auction Is Appealing a Court Order to Return $6 Million to Sotheby’s

The investment company Fairlight Art Ventures is appealing a December court ruling ordering that it reimburse Sotheby’s $6 million after the auction house sold on its behalf a Frans Hals painting now believed to be a forgery. The once-purported Old…

/ November 16, 2020