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Senate pulls all-nighter on amendments to COVID relief package

Democratic leaders struck an agreement with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) on emergency unemployment insurance late Friday, clearing the way for Senate action on President Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus package to resume after an hours-long delay.The state of play: The Senate…

/ March 6, 2021

A Beijing Museum Is Staging the World’s First ‘Major’ Crypto-Art Show, Featuring Artists Named Beeple, Fewocious, and Mad Dog Jones

Get ready for the world’s first NFT art exhibition, coming to the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets, individually identified on a blockchain, allowing one person to own a widely…

/ March 5, 2021

New York’s Artechouse Is Staging an Immersive Instagram-Ready Experience Despite the Pandemic—See Images Here

For those who doubted that the experience economy would survive the pandemic, look no further than New York’s Artechouse, which had lines down the block on Friday night for the preview of its new exhibition, “Geometric Properties,” featuring a 30-minute…

/ March 5, 2021

China and Russia vaccinate the world — for now

While the U.S. and Europe focus on vaccinating their own populations, China and Russia are sending millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to countries around the world.Why it matters: China's double success in controlling its domestic outbreak and producing several viable…

/ March 2, 2021

Scammers seize on COVID confusion

Scamming has skyrocketed in the past year, and much of the increase is attributed to COVID-related scams, more recently around vaccines. Why it matters: The pandemic has created a prime opportunity for scammers to target people who are already confused…

/ February 28, 2021

House passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief package

The House approved President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief package on a 219-212 vote early Saturday morning, sending it to the Senate for a possible rewrite before it gets to Biden's desk.The big picture: The vote was a critical first…

/ February 27, 2021

Top coalition of CEOs puts new muscle behind Biden with “Move the Needle” campaign

Business Roundtable, the voice of America's top CEOs, today launched "Move the Needle," a campaign to support President Biden in rolling out COVID vaccines, increasing vaccine uptake and encouraging masks.What they're saying: "Masks and vaccines are working. Now is the…

/ February 26, 2021

The Curators of the US Capitol Art Collection Say They Need $25,000 to Fix Paintings and Statues Damaged in the January Attack

A US House of Representatives subcommittee will hear testimony today, February 24, from the architect of the Capitol and the House curator about the damage to the building and its art collection cause by the mob that stormed the US Capitol…

/ February 24, 2021

Sequoia Capital says it was hacked

Sequoia Capital told its investors on Friday that some of their personal and financial information may have been accessed by a third party, after a Sequoia employee's email was successfully phished, Axios has learned.Why it matters: Sequoia is one of…

/ February 20, 2021

‘I Set the Standard for Myself’: How Jiab Prachakul Went From Self-Taught Painter to Sought-After Star—All Before Her First Solo Show

After working as a portrait painter for 14 years, the 41-year-old Thai-born, Lyon-based artist Jiab Prachakul is finally having her first solo show. The exhibition at San Francisco’s Friends Indeed Gallery, aptly titled “14 Years,” comes at a moment of snowballing success for the artist, who…

/ February 19, 2021

In Lieu of Mardi Gras Parades, Artists Are Turning New Orleans Homes Into Wildly Creative ‘House Floats’—See Images Here

The pandemic can’t stop the party in New Orleans, where residents have transformed their homes into stationary Mardi Gras floats to help adapt the city’s traditional pre-Lenten celebrations for the age of social distancing. Last year’s festivities were among the…

/ February 15, 2021

America’s extra vaccine doses could be key to global supply

The Biden administration’s purchase of 200 million additional Pfizer and Modern doses means the U.S. could fully vaccinate 300 million people with just those two vaccines — and 355 million more people if four additional vaccines gain FDA approval.Why it…

/ February 13, 2021

Live updates: Trump’s defense team to focus on process arguments

Donald Trump's lawyers plan to argue four key points during their defense of the former president today — all focused on process.The latest: Trump lawyer David Schoen accused the impeachment managers of "manipulating video" and relying on media reports as…

/ February 12, 2021