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The Guerrilla Girls Canceled Their Book Contract With Phaidon Over Billionaire Owner Leon Black’s ‘Shady Dealings’ With Jeffrey Epstein

The Guerrilla Girls are once again calling on New York’s Museum of Modern Art to remove chairman Leon Black from its board due to his longstanding ties to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The anonymous feminist art collective also canceled their 2018 book…

/ February 2, 2021

17 Tweets About The Funny, Real Struggle Of Returning To Work After The Holidays

For many people, Monday marked the return to work after the holidays. And for some of us, the endless emails, meetings and Slack outage were a rude awakening. Work is back, and so are its headaches.Below, take a look at…

/ January 5, 2021

Editors’ Picks: 17 Events for Your Holiday Art Calendar, From a Christmas LED Flower Display to an Origami Extravaganza

Each week, we search for the most exciting and thought-provoking shows, screenings, and events. In light of the global health crisis, we are currently highlighting digital events, as well as in-person exhibitions in the New York area. See our picks…

/ December 21, 2020

The Damage Of Trump’s International Anti-Abortion Policy Won’t Be Easy To Undo

President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to pursue an “aggressive” plan to further women’s equality in the U.S. and around the world ― a sharp reversal from the Trump administration’s moves to roll back reproductive rights, sexual health and family planning. Part…

/ November 20, 2020

Climate crisis: how museums could inspire radical action

When Victorian tea-merchant Frederick Horniman was looking to build a new home for his extensive collection of natural and cultural artefacts, his own back garden offered the perfect spot. Situated on one of the highest points in London, Surrey Mount…

/ November 18, 2020

Women Are Furious Over This New Statue of Pioneering Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft in London

Mary Wollstonecraft, the author of the early feminist tract A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792), was a powerful advocate for women’s equality. Now, centuries after her death, a campaign to see her honored with a public statue in London…

/ November 10, 2020

‘We Painted, Sang, and Danced Our Way to the Polls’: Artists React to US President-Elect Joe Biden’s Victory

As jubilant Democrats took to the streets in cities across the US on Saturday to celebrate the victory of president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris, artists, too, paid tribute to the election, and shared their reactions on social…

/ November 9, 2020

Why the youth climate court case failed, and what’s next for Canadian climate policy

Last week, the Federal Court dismissed a case 15 young Canadians brought against the federal government because of its record on climate policy. The plaintiffs filed their case in October 2019, claiming their rights to life, liberty and equality were…

/ November 3, 2020

Why all human rights depend on a healthy environment

Recent revelations about the speed and scale of nature’s decline are hard to truly comprehend. Not since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago has the diversity and abundance of life on Earth plunged so precipitously. For decades, governments have…

/ October 27, 2020

Peace, Love, and Tolerance in Senegal | Guest: Magatte Wade | Ep 5

Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade sits down with Matt Kibbe to tell how she discovered why some countries are rich, why others are poor, and why the French are the worst. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty everywhere you get podcasts. #magattewade…

/ March 20, 2019