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China and Russia vaccinate the world — for now

While the U.S. and Europe focus on vaccinating their own populations, China and Russia are sending millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to countries around the world.Why it matters: China's double success in controlling its domestic outbreak and producing several viable…

/ March 2, 2021

The Director of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Will Explore a String of High-Profile Chinese Art Heists in His Next Film

Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu is adapting the story of a mysterious rash of Chinese art and antiquities heists for his next film. Warner Bros. will release The Great Chinese Art Heist, based on Alex W. Palmer’s 2018 GQ story of the…

/ February 26, 2021

Editors’ Picks: 17 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week, From Printed Matter’s Virtual Art-Book Fair to Amy Sedaris Impersonating Marcel Dzama

Each week, we search for the most exciting and thought-provoking shows, screenings, and events. In light of the global health crisis, we are currently highlighting events in person and digitally, as well as in-person exhibitions open in the New York…

/ February 23, 2021

Art Observers Scratch Their Heads as the Uffizi’s First Expansion Into Contemporary Art Is a Mark Wahlberg-Themed Piece of Street Art

In a puzzling move, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, renowned for its unparalleled collection of Italian Renaissance masterpieces, has accepted the donation of a piece by contemporary British street artist Endless. The artist, who does not appear to have ever had a…

/ February 9, 2021

Chinese officials dispute Wuhan origin of the coronavirus | DW News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdkpmYq7edAA team of experts from the World Health Organisation has arrived in China to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. The international team arrived in Wuhan, the city where the first cases of the virus were detected in late 2019.…

/ January 14, 2021

What’s at stake for NZ in Australia’s case against China at the World Trade Organisation?

With the relationship between China and Australia souring in the past six months, New Zealand’s response will need to be nuanced and careful, but also principled. First and foremost, we must ensure the dispute between two of our main trading…

/ January 12, 2021

Newly declassified report lays out U.S. strategy in Asia

The Trump administration has declassified a report which lays out its Indo-Pacific strategy, including “accelerating India’s rise,” blocking China from establishing “illiberal spheres of influence,” and maintaining “U.S. strategic primacy” in the region, according to a copy viewed by Axios.Why…

/ January 12, 2021

Increased US support for Taiwan angers China | DW News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqBYvdEybWEOn Wednesday, US Ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft travels to Taiwan, an island which neither the United States nor the United Nations recognise as a country. In fact, up until a few days back, official US policy restricted interactions…

/ January 12, 2021

All the big CES 2021 announcements in one place

Having moved entirely online, this year's CES is unlike any other. However, there's still a ton of tech news to watch out for, and Axios has you covered with all the big news in one place.The big picture: We are…

/ January 11, 2021

What Clive Palmer must now ask himself: would China’s ‘bastards’ buy a mine from him?

Colourful mining magnate Clive Palmer’s political ambitions appear to be in tatters. But what of his multibillion-dollar legal ambitions? On Sunday he announced his United Australia Party will not contest Western Australia’s state election in March – a logical decision…

/ January 11, 2021

Covid update: Coronavirus news from around the world | DW News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCX5SiGU1k4Following criticism in Germany of the pace of the coronavirus vaccination roll-out, a health ministry official has revealed that Berlin has struck preliminary deals for an extra 50-million vaccine doses in the summer - outside what's been negotiated by the…

/ January 9, 2021

Archaeologists Are Using Incredible Photographs From This Cold War-Era Spy Satellite to Unlock Secrets of World History

Satellite imagery from the Corona project, a Cold War spy program that acquired military intelligence about the Soviet Union for the US, is proving useful in ways its creators could have never imagined—including for archaeologists. “Corona is like a time…

/ January 8, 2021

America’s global image is in tatters

President-elect Biden declared during the siege of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday that "the world is watching." Indeed, the world was watching long before that.Why it matters: Biden has made restoring America's global image, leadership and alliances the cornerstone of…

/ January 7, 2021