Tag: Chemistry

How to eat ketchup on Mars | Sarah Kessans | TEDxChristchurch

If we want to become a multi-planetary species, we're going to have to figure out how to eat on our new homes. In this accessible yet educational talk, Dr Sarah Kessans shares how advances in genetic engineering, and our ability...

/ September 19, 2019

Toilet revolution | Harald Gründl | TEDxDornbirn

The Blue Diversion Toilet was developed mainly because the problem with nitrogen in the waters is growing in Europe. Harald Gründl has been researching urine separation with EOOS since 2009 in collaboration with the Swiss Water Research Institute of the...

/ September 16, 2019

漬物から見た発酵の世界 | akihiko kimura | TEDxShintomi

日本人の食卓の中にある漬物。今、若い人の漬物離れが起きている。その中で、漬物の食としてのメリットや魅力について語る。漬物を通して世界を平和にしたい願いがある。 Pickles are foods that should be called Japanese treasures that inherit the taste and nutrition of vegetables. It is said that the content of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber is increased several times by soaking. Only in a changing...

/ September 13, 2019

The Anatomy of Bias | Maggie Wentzell | TEDxFondduLac

We are all biased, our brains are wired as such. But what if there was a way to train our brains to be more in line with our true beliefs? In her Talk, Dr. Maggie Wentzell details the way the...

/ September 5, 2019

Le parfum, l’art de se laisser mener par le bout du nez | Sabine Raynal | TEDxVersaillesGrandParc

L’odorat est le sens que nous utilisons le plus, même sans en avoir toujours pleinement conscience. Dans l’histoire de l’humanité, le parfum a occupé plusieurs fonctions, d’hygiène, de rituel et de séduction et régit ainsi notre relation à nous-même, au...

/ August 29, 2019