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Amazon’s next act: The Bezos culture will live on

As big as Amazon looks at any given time, it is always bigger than anyone outside the company can see, and a new CEO won’t change that.Between the lines: In choosing top lieutenant Andy Jassy as his successor but staying…

/ February 3, 2021

The old news business model is broken: making Google and Facebook pay won’t save journalism

The federal government is talking tough about making Google and Facebook pay Australian news businesses for linking to, or featuring, these publishers’ content. The digital platforms have been talking equally tough. Facebook is threatening to remove Australian news stories and…

/ January 29, 2021

The First Blue Pigment Discovered in 200 Years Is Finally Commercially Available. Here’s Why It Already Has a Loyal Following

YInMn Blue, the brilliant pigment discovered in 2009 at an Oregon State University lab, is finally making its way to artists’ studios. The pigment—which is the first new blue discovered in 200 years—was finally approved by the EPA for use in artists’…

/ January 14, 2021

What Clive Palmer must now ask himself: would China’s ‘bastards’ buy a mine from him?

Colourful mining magnate Clive Palmer’s political ambitions appear to be in tatters. But what of his multibillion-dollar legal ambitions? On Sunday he announced his United Australia Party will not contest Western Australia’s state election in March – a logical decision…

/ January 11, 2021

Cities could get more than 4°C hotter by 2100. To keep cool in Australia, we urgently need a national planning policy

In cities around the world, temperatures could rise by more than 4℃ by 2100 under a high-emissions climate change scenario, suggests research published this week in Nature Climate Change. It comes as the Bureau of Meteorology’s annual climate statement, released…

/ January 8, 2021

How Ireland Became 2020’s Fastest Growing Economy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsBbOaBcBfwJoin the Trends Community today. Get your first week for just ONE dollar!👉 https://trends.co/economicsexplained to get started.▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀This is Ireland, or more specifically the Republic of Ireland which is a sovereign nation that is home to 5 million people who are…

/ January 3, 2021

Young Muslim women are leading environmental movements grounded in their beliefs

Weeks prior to the lockdowns and closures that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, UN Secretary General António Guterres said 2020 would be a “pivotal year for how we address climate change.” Revamped emission goals were expected from 196 countries, but…

/ December 22, 2020

French Authorities Seized More Than 27,000 Potentially Looted Archaeological Artifacts Hoarded by a Single Collector in Belgium

French authorities in Belgium have seized a massive haul of 27,400 Roman coins and artifacts believed to have been illegally excavated throughout eastern France. Following a joint investigation by the two nations, officials found the hoard in the possession of…

/ December 17, 2020

Biden considering Republicans for Commerce secretary

President-elect Joe Biden is considering some well-known Republicans — think Meg Whitman types — for Commerce secretary as a way to signal to red-state Americans he understands their concerns and plans to address them.The big picture: Biden's team is debating…

/ December 16, 2020

Why the Morrison government’s ‘double-dipping’ gambit fails the pub test

It’s almost unimaginable: an Australian government proposes a law that would wipe out billions of dollars of employers’ entitlements. Even more unimaginable: it does so on the basis of mistakes made by employees. Yet right now a “Black Mirror” scenario…

/ December 15, 2020

Home ownership and super are far more entwined than you might think

When the government’s retirement incomes review of which I was a part examined superannuation, the age pension and voluntary savings, home ownership had a surprisingly important role. The home is the largest form of voluntary saving and is far more…

/ December 10, 2020

Report shows New Zealand’s ‘fragmented’ environmental research funding doesn’t match most urgent needs

There’s a serious mismatch between what New Zealand’s government identified as the most pressing environmental issues, including climate change and freshwater quality, and the investments in environmental research it actually makes. A report released today by the Parliamentary Commissioner for…

/ December 9, 2020