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In photos: Water crisis in Texas continues

Power has returned to most of Texas after a week of statewide blackouts caused by historic winter storms, but millions still don't have access to safe or running water.The big picture: A Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokesperson told CNN…

/ February 22, 2021

Newfields Director Charles Venable Has Resigned After Posting a Job Ad That Sparked Allegations of Racism

Charles Venable has resigned as director and CEO of Newfields after the Indianapolis museum posted a job listing that sparked widespread criticism. The post said the candidate for the director job should seek to “attract a broader and more diverse audience while maintaining the…

/ February 17, 2021

Archaeologists Have Discovered What May Be the World’s Oldest Brewery, Built for Ancient Egyptian Kings

Archaeologists have discovered what may be the world’s oldest beer factory, according to Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, which made the announcement on Facebook. A team led by Matthew Adams of New York University and Deborah Vischak of Princeton University…

/ February 16, 2021

‘They Were Watching Us, Not Watching Our Backs’

Edgar Su / ReutersFlowers and cards are seen at the memorial site outside Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 19, 2019. Earlier this week, the government of New Zealand released a comprehensive report on the 2019 Christchurch massacre,…

/ December 10, 2020

A Group of Brooklyn Artists Is Opening a Neighborhood Dive Bar and Art Gallery to Revive Community in the Isolation Era

In February, artist Brian Whiteley signed a lease on a former tax office in Brooklyn with the plan to realize a long-held dream of opening a permanent art space that would be part bar, part gallery, part performance venue. The…

/ November 27, 2020

How a 1940s treaty set airlines on a path to high emissions and low regulation

Before the pandemic, aviation was on course to be the UK’s most polluting sector and produce as much as 22% of global emissions by 2050. The industry is suffering from low demand due to coronavirus restrictions, but without meaningful policy…

/ November 3, 2020

How Silicon Valley should celebrate Labor Day

Ask any 25-year old engineer what Labor Day means to him or her, and you might get an answer like: it’s the surprise three-day weekend after a summer of vacationing. Or it’s the day everyone barbecues at Dolores Park. Or…

/ September 1, 2018

Stand up to the Proud-of-their-hate Boys

THE NAZIS who will try to take over the streets in Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California, this weekend want everyone to think that they care about “free speech.” But what they really want is to silence anyone whose views they…

/ August 3, 2018

Cheer up, Deutschland

A VISITOR to Germany this summer will find a country living well. Gentle chit-chat and the clink of glasses murmur from sun-dappled beer gardens. Barges laden with exports chug up the Rhine. Prosperous vacationers travel to lakes and seaside resorts…

/ August 2, 2018

Man Only Takes Coke To Keep Himself Sober

An Irishman, who likes to drink to excess, claims that he only takes cocaine to keep himself sober. Peter Murphy, twenty-seven, revealed that he drinks “at least twice as much as a normal bloke” during nights out and simply uses…

/ July 20, 2018

6 Weird and Awesome Amazon Prime Day Deals

If you're an Amazon Prime member, it's likely that you've had a shopping list ready for weeks. But if you're just browsing today through July 18, we have a few Prime Day deals on weird or quirky items that you…

/ July 17, 2018

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Home, Outdoor, and Lifestyle: Instant Pot, Zojirushi, Fitbit

It's here, it's here! Amazon Prime Day, our unofficial national summer shopping holiday, can be a little overwhelming. We've winnowed down our picks in a few niche categories to help you get the best prices on some of the most…

/ July 17, 2018