Kushner, Inc.: Vicky Ward on How Jared and Ivanka’s Greed & Ambition Compromise U.S. Foreign Policy

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, with Nermeen Shaikh. NERMEEN SHAIKH: House Democrats are continuing to probe how President

Treasury yields are the lowest since the recession

The U.S. 10-year Treasury note and the 3-month Treasury bill are on the verge of an inversion. The yield spread fell to 5 basis points Wednesday, the lowest level since the financial crisis. Why it

In the Face of Danger, We’re Turning to Surveillance

When school began in Lockport, New York, this past fall, the halls were lined not just with posters and lockers, but cameras. Over the summer, a brand new $4 million facial recognition system installed by

Hard Brexit could cost citizens billions euro annually

A hard Brexit, a no-deal withdrawal when Britain would give up participation in the EU single market, could result in annual losses of up to 57 billion euros in the UK, and 40 billion euro

Stocks have room to run — but the global economy must pick up first, says JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan says there's still room for a global run-up in equities — but "the most important thing" is whether the world economy responds to efforts to spur its growth.

Bill & Ted are embarking on a third excellent adventure next year

Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music, the long-awaited sequel to 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, is entering production this summer and is due to be released in August next year. Details about the


Britain leaving the EU: Hard Brexit could cost Europe and UK citizens up to 57 billion euro annually

If the United Kingdom were to leave the European Union without a new deal, it could lead to billions of euro in losses to the European Union and British citizens. See more.

Christchurch mosque shootings: New Zealand to ban military style weapons

The prime minister said the gun laws had to change after a man killed 50 people at two mosques.

Lightning Labs Releases ‘Loop’ Feature for Bitcoin Payments Channels

California startup Lightning Labs released today a new feature to improve usability of the bitcoin payment channel network, lightning.

John Hickenlooper: How come we’re not asking women whether they’re willing to put a man on the ticket?

John Hickenlooper, a former Colorado governor and one of several men running for the Democratic presidential nomination, tried to flip a question that’s been posed to a handful of male candidates — to limited success.

Indian Exchange Launches Lending Program for 5 Cryptocurrencies

Indian Exchange Launches Lending Program for BTC and USDTAn Indian crypto exchange has launched a program that allows its users to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies held at the exchange. Initially, users can lend BTC, USDT, BNB, XRP, and ETH. The CEO of the exchange has shared details about this new offering with news.Bitcoin.com. Also read: Crypto Enthusiasts Unite in 4 Indian Cities […]

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US Federal Reserve surprisingly ends rate hike cycle, says no more interest rate rises this year

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a press conference in Washington, on March 20, 2019. The Fed left interest rates unchanged after concluding a two-day policy meeting, in a move that met market

New Zealand bans all semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles

All military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles will be banned in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday afternoon local time. Quote Every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be

There was going to be a Forrest Gump sequel. Then 9/11 happened

The film felt “meaningless” after 9/11, its screenwriter said, revealing the plot would have seen Forrest meet more famous figures, including Princess Diana and OJ Simpson.

“Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks”: Paper Discussion

The fifth blog post in the 5-minute Papers series. Photo by Francisco Casero on Unsplash For today’s paper summary, I will be discussing one of the “classic”/pioneer papers for Langauge Translation, from 2014 (!): “Sequence to Sequence

Smile and wiggle: Thai PM Prayuth tries to charm his way to a win

But long-awaited election that was expected to be a walk in the park for the general has suddenly become more exciting.

“We Don’t Have Any Advertising, So We Don’t Sell Any Data”: Can Netflix Take Over the World Without Turning Evil?

Netflix appears to be making a strategic calculation by describing itself as an “entertainment company.” Silicon Valley, after all, has become synonymous with the exploitation of user data and an alluring target for wannabe trust-busters. But C.E.O. Reed Hastings may also have a more altruistic purpose in mind.

PicsArt hits 130 million MAUs as Chinese flock to its photo editing app

If you’re like me, who isn’t big on social media, you’d think that the image filters that come inside most apps will do the job. But for many others, especially the younger crowd, making their photos stand out is a huge deal. The demand is big enough that PicsArt, a rival to filtering companies VSCO […]

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