Listening Isn’t Reading, But Audiobooks Still Resonate

The experiences are different, but playing a novel while doing other things can optimize your time.

Building the Movement for Medicare for All

This week was the 53rd anniversary of Medicare, created in the middle of the social agitation of the 1960s. Benjamin Day of Healthcare-NOW! talks about how today, we are in the middle of similar upheaval.

Playing Monopoly: What Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Can Learn From Bill Gates

Harvard dropouts. Precocious whiz kids. Beleaguered titans. The parallels between the two tech moguls are startling. Will history repeat—or just rhyme?

The Miseducation of Cameron Post: An Ode to Teenage Rationality

Desiree Akhavan’s Sundance-winning film follows a young gay woman, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, who is sent to conversion therapy.

Zimbabwe election: Zanu-PF ‘has most seats’, incomplete results show

Results show Zanu-PF winning a parliamentary majority in the first polls since Robert Mugabe was ousted.

iOS beta hints at dual SIM iPhone

Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 12 a few days ago. 9to5mac discovered strings in configuration files that reference dual SIM devices. You should expect at least one new iPhone model with two SIM trays. Apple is said to unveil three new iPhone models in September. In addition to an updated iPhone X, the […]

Dally Messenger, Dave Brown and Frank Burge named as rugby league’s newest Immortals

Dally Messenger, Dave Brown and Frank Burge become the first three players from the pre-World War II era to be named as rugby league Immortals.

Jordan Peele’s creepy new film ‘Us’ now has a full cast and release date


Splendid news, Peele fans: we now have even more information about the Get Out director’s upcoming new film, Us.

SEE ALSO: Netflix’s first original Indian horror series ‘Ghoul’ looks terrifying

Specifically, a cast and an exact release date. We already knew that Lupita Nyong’o and Elizabeth Moss were likely to be involved, but now we have a full run-down of all the main stars.

Here’s the cast of @JordanPeele’s next feature film #Us @Monkeypaw

— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) July 31, 2018

The people in that tweet from left to right, starting in the top left, are: Jordan Peele; Lupita Nyong’o; Winston Duke; Elizabeth Moss; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II; Anna Diop; Tim Heidecker; Shahadi Wright Joseph; Evan Alex; and twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon (who, it turns out, both played Ross and Rachel’s baby, Emma, in Friends back in the day). Read more…

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The Grand Retrospective — Applying Agile Principles to Your Product Roadmap

The core principles of the Scrum Manifesto, and why it gained such a cult following, are reflection and continuous improvement. The purpose of Scrum is to tighten the iteration cycle and hold a retrospective at

Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF wins majority in parliament: Electoral body

Results show President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF picking up 109 seats against 41 for the opposition.

Radar Relay Raises $10 Million for Decentralized Token Exchange

Decentralized trading platform Radar Relay closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by Blockchain Capital, the startup announced Wednesday.

Smartphones in North Korea: 6,000mAh batteries and app stores that are actual stores

Would you take a 6,000mAh battery if it meant having to go to a shop to get new apps?

VW posts forecast-beating second-quarter profit but outlook dims

German carmaker Volkswagen posted a forecast-beating 23 percent rise in underlying quarterly operating profit on Wednesday, even as difficulties conforming to new anti-pollution rules cloud the sales outlook for passenger cars.

Is the Free Market Possible with a Blockchain-powered Economy?

Who decides how much you should pay for food, for gas, or for your medicine? In the current world there are various factors that add up to the price of the product: tariffs, inflation rates,

PR: XcelTrip Accepts Major Crypto Currencies on Its Revolutionary Online Travel Portal

XcelTrip Accepts Major Crypto Currencies on Its Revolutionary Online Travel PortalXcelTrip, is poised to disrupt the online travel industry with launching of its online travel platform, from 1 Aug 2018. where user can use major crypto currencies to book their hotel and stay. XcelTrip has created a travel platform that is based on Blockchain Technology, powered by its own ERC20 utility token called the “XcelToken”.

XcelTrip’s CEO Hob Khadka said “ our vision is to empower travelers and users worldwide, with a platform that is both easy to use and rewarding. Users can choose to book hotel properties across the world at attractive prices using XcelTrip website & mobile apps and book using the major crypto currencies such as Including Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, XcelToken and Bitcoin cash and along with the usual PayPal/debit/credit options.

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AlienVault Expands USM Anywhere to Include Endpoint Detection and Response Capabilities

Only Security Solution to Automate Threat Detection and Response Across Endpoints and Networks in Cloud and On-Premises Environments from a Single Platform SAN MATEO, Calif. — July 31, 2018 — AlienVault®, the leading provider of Unified Security Management® (USM)

Blockchain Platform to Allow Users to Trade Gold for Virtual Currencies

A blockchain-based platform is creating a cryptocurrency pegged by gold, with plans to branch out into other precious metals in the coming years.

A company is creating an ecosystem where tangible assets such as gold can be traded for virtual currencies in a digital environment.

The platform, known as the Digital Gold Exchange (DGE for short,) says it has the goal of establishing a place where users can securely store their assets and trade with others “quickly, safely, and without intermediary intervention.”

It is designing a blockchain-based ecosystem which it hopes will allow individuals and companies to join – trading without borders wherever they are in the world.

Although gold is going to be a primary focus for the platform, DGE’s white paper says the company eventually plans to expand to other precious metals including diamonds, platinum and white gold. The company aims to make changing gold into tokens a fast experience, with conversion rates that are based on the official market prices listed on gold exchanges in South Korea and around the world.

According to DGE, one particular focus has been developing a trade system that is easy to understand, well designed and not too dissimilar from the payment processing systems commonly used on e-commerce sites – making its platform accessible and usable for customers from a range of age groups.

Partnerships established

Digital Gold Exchange says it has established partnerships with recognizable brands – and these agreements will result in a “stable and reliable ecosystem.”

According to the company, its first exclusive contract was signed in February with the Korea Gold Exchange 3M,  the country’s largest gold merchant.

In March, an agreement was reached with Happy Money, a brand whose gift cards can be used to make purchases on more than 500 brands in Korea. Under this deal, users will be able to exchange coins for these vouchers, which are accepted in book stores, restaurants, cinemas, music shops, coffee houses elsewhere.

The team behind the project says it is optimistic that these partnerships will continue to increase over the coming months.

The elements of the ecosystem

DGE says there are three main elements to its project. The first is a utility token known as TMTG, which stands for The Midas Touch Gold.

Although this token is not pegged to tangible assets such as gold, it can be used for purchasing other cryptocurrencies on the Digital Gold Exchange.

The ecosystem is also going to offer another token known as MDG. This can be bought on the DGE using TMGT tokens and is only tradable on this platform. Pegged to 1g of gold as a certificate, it can be traded to real gold at any time.

Finally, the platform tying these two tokens together is the Digital Gold Exchange, with a white paper describing it as having a “pivotal role in the ecosystem.”

A presale for its tokens was held in three stages throughout May and June, and this was followed by an initial coin offering which ran from July 10-25.

The company is aiming for its tokens to be listed on a number of coin exchanges over the coming months, beginning with IDCM on August 1 and Coinsuper Exchange on August 16. By February 2019, it is hoped that diamond trading will also commence.

DGE claims that its offering stands out from other forms of virtual money because its tokens “could bring value to the everyday lives of many people,” unlike firms that have launched cryptocurrencies without actually considering what they should be used for.


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