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Trump’s Tour of Duty

Personally, Trump prefers liars who are not convicted.

Citizen Pulitzer: Patron Saint of the Oppressed

Film Review of “Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People.”

Never Send a Politician to Do a Trial Lawyer’s Job

Everyone involved in the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on Wednesday needed a good lawyer. Michael Cohen, the convicted felon, disbarred lawyer, and former fixer to Donald Trump, needed a trial lawyer to rein

Smart Ass Cripple: The Tranquil Demise of the ‘Disabled List’

Major League Baseball has agreed to stop using the offensive term. Paradigm shift? Maybe not.

France’s Double Standard for Populist Uprisings

PARIS—In 2005, the Paris banlieues, the suburbs that are to France what the inner cities are to the United States, erupted in three weeks of riots. Triggered by the deaths of two teenagers who were

On the Picket Line with Oakland Teachers

“A tremendous thank you to our beautiful city from the teachers of Oakland. Let’s do this again tomorrow!”

‘Christians Build Bridges, Not Walls’

In Texas, a white adobe chapel built in 1899 on the bank of the Rio Grande sits in the proposed path of President Donald Trump’s border wall. A Border Patrol agent stands sentry yards away.

The Family Weekly: The Consequential Legal Battle Over One Dallas Family’s Adoption

This Week in Family When the Brackeens, a married couple in Dallas, agreed to foster a nine-month-old baby, they had no idea that a year later they would run afoul of a 1978 law called

It’s A Wall Emergency!

Because wall can. Because wall is beautiful.

Triage for Our Ocean

“Pessimism of the spirit and optimism of the will” are about saving enough to rebuild, even if we may not see the results in our own lifetimes.

Denver Teachers’ Strike Was a Rejection of Education ‘Reform’

Teachers in the school district that was supposed to be the model for education reform just rebelled—and won.

The Atlantic Daily: The Vatican’s Time for a Deeper Reckoning

What We’re Following Hundreds of top Catholic leaders are meeting in a first-ever summit to address how to protect minors. The event is at least one sign that Pope Francis is taking the Church’s global,

Korea Casino Cluster Coming To Incheon – Probably

Paradise City, a US$1.4 billion integrated resort in Incheon, includes an arty take on the traditional Korean bath house.Muhammad Cohen A recent article by The Innovation Group’s Michael Vanaskie examines the casino cluster effect in

The Moment the Transatlantic Charade Ended

Europe and the Trump administration have stopped pretending to respect each other. For the past two years, we have been treated to a transatlantic charade. Everyone knows there’s a problem, but publicly the leaders proclaim

Thanks Bernie

Sanders helped push the Democratic Party left and changed the course of American politics. But he’s missing part of the picture.

Public Lands Bill Is a Huge Step Forward

In the current context of environmental deregulation this bill is a rare piece of good news on the conservation front.

Smartwatches Are Changing the Purpose of the EKG

Updated at 11:20 a.m. ET on February 17, 2019 Think of the stereotypical representations of medicine, as they might appear on a television show: the crisp white coat, of course, and the stethoscope dangling at

Unequal Justice: Kavanaugh’s Vote on Abortion Access Bodes Ill for Roe

It hasn’t taken Kavanaugh long to show his true colors. The big reveal came on February 7, when he voted against a “stay” that will keep a draconian Louisiana abortion law from taking effect.