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Will the Christmas Goat Meet a Fiery Death Like it Usually Does?

Every year since 1966, the small town of Gävle in Sweden erects a 40-foot straw goat on the first day of Advent. For 37 of those years, the Gävle goat has been destroyed; more often

Macau Casino Concession Clarity Still Not In The Cards

Macau authorities have not clarified what will happen with the casino concession for Grand Lisboa operator SJM Holdings that expires in March 2020. (Photo credit: Getty Images)Getty Here’s the report card on my predictions for

This Year’s Must-Read Letters to the Editor

Over the course of 2018, thousands of Atlantic readers wrote us letters about articles in our magazine and on our website. Here are some of the most memorable. We want to hear what you think

Christmas in La-La Land

LOS ANGELES—A cold coming they had of it, T. S. Eliot’s wise men did. I think of that line on crisp, clear December nights in Los Angeles, when the towering, century-old palm trees make our

Trump’s Christmas Chaos

Republican lawmakers had already gone home, confident that there would be no government shutdown before Christmas, and the standoff over funding for Trump’s wall appeared to be over. But that was before Rush Limbaugh went

An Undemocratic GOP Enshrines Zombie Laws via Midwest Coups

The anti-democratic nature of the present-day Republican Party has been fully exposed in the Midwestern states of Wisconsin and Michigan. In both of these states, where the GOP has ruled all branches of government since

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain: ‘Vice’

Finally, Hollywood has given birth, perhaps inadvertently, to a genuine angry leftist filmmaker—a dedicated, satiric power-protester spinning tales of systemic malevolence, with plenty of budget support and movie stars at his disposal. Adam McKay cut

Trump Plan is a Threat to Clean Water

In a proposed amendment to the Clean Water Act, Trump’s EPA threatens to leave over a third of Americans’ drinking water unprotected.

The Atlantic Daily: From the Brink

What We’re Following Facing Facebook: For years, Facebook has been sharing user data, including private messages, with other large technology platforms including Netflix, Spotify, and Microsoft’s Bing search engine, according to a New York Times

Macau’s Bridge Too Far – From Everything But Hong Kong International Airport

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world’s longest sea crossing,opened in October. Macau seen in the background. (Photo credit: Getty)Getty The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge opened in October but the impact of the world’s longest sea crossing

Cyntoia Brown Shows Us that Justice is Not Blind

Is a system broken when it works as designed?

The Atlantic Daily: Persistent

What We’re Following Threat Report: The Senate Intelligence Committee released two new commissioned reports that illustrate just how heavily Russian disinformation efforts targeted African-American voters in the 2016 presidential election—using strategies similar to the Trump

Can Progressive Dems Fix Trump’s Nightmarish Foreign Policy?

Bernie Sanders recently penned a to-do list in The Washington Post for Democrats taking over the House next year. He called on the new leadership to push for an increase in the minimum wage, universal

Letters: ‘I’d Been Mommy-Tracked. I Felt Humiliated.’

It’s Almost Impossible to Be a Mom in Television News Earlier this month, Julianna Goldman described the many structural challenges facing mothers who work as TV-news correspondents. “Retaining moms in TV news matters not just

Trump Is Helping the Saudis Starve Yemen

In The Imperial Presidency, the historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. warned that the habit of “indiscriminate global intervention, far from strengthening American security, seemed rather to weaken it by involving the United States in remote,

Foreign Correspondent: Sex, Russia, and Impeachment

Trump has committed multiple impeachable offenses. Colluding with Putin isn’t one of them.

Smart Ass Cripple: Getting in Santa’s Face to Sit in His Lap

I wouldn’t describe my childhood as Santa-deprived, because I was pushy.

Review: ​‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

Finally, James Baldwin’s big screen U.S. debut.