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Hurricane Dorian Relief Worker Captures Multiple ‘UFOs’ On Video & Posts It On Youtube

In Brief The Facts:A recent video of multiple 'UFOs' has been getting a lot of attention as it circles around the internet. The video was captured at sea by a Hurricane Dorian relief worker. Reflect On:Regardless of whether or not...

/ October 8, 2019

The War on Big Tech – Everything is About to Change

Antitrust, billion dollar fines, privacy violations and numerous federal investigations. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are feeling the pressure from a wave of government inquiries. Will they be broken up? Or will they survive? In this video we explore the...

/ September 17, 2019

Enron 2.0 – Jeffrey Skilling’s Comeback

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/ September 8, 2019

Document reveals the FBI is tracking border protest groups as extremist organizations

From WASHINGTON — The FBI is monitoring groups on the border that are protesting U.S. immigration policy, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.The FBI has gathered intelligence from people with “direct access” to the organizations and is...

/ September 4, 2019

What is a king tide?

This tidal phenomena is making waves, so to speak, as Hurricane Dorian approaches. Read More

/ September 1, 2019

What’s the world’s safest city?

Much depends on how you define "safe" Read More

/ August 30, 2019

Study finds deaths from drivers running red lights at ten year high

Yet many jurisdictions are pulling out their cameras, because Freedom! Read More

/ August 30, 2019

Enron – The Biggest Fraud in History

In this video we take a look at the Enron story. At over $60 billion being scammed away from the public, they were the biggest fraud in history. Yes, even bigger than Theranos. #enron #fraud #skilling #jeffrey --- About ColdFusion...

/ August 30, 2019

What would a nuclear winter look like?

We talk a lot about the devastation of a warming planet, but what if things went the other way? A new study confirms the worst. Read More

/ August 29, 2019

Europe is warming faster than climate models projected

More than 90 percent of weather stations studied showed the climate was warming, a percentage too high to purely be from natural climate variability, say researchers Read More

/ August 28, 2019

Bed bugs: Better, stronger, faster

Research reveals that bed bugs develop resistance to widely used chemical treatments, potentially paving the way for super bed bugs. Read More

/ August 27, 2019

The war on cars is over, if you want it

Todd Litman calls the war on cars a bad joke. He gives us a lot of ammunition in the fight to end it. Read More

/ August 26, 2019

Live better, electrically at Unity Homes

The company explains why all-electric homes are healthier, safer, and more sustainable. Read More

/ August 23, 2019

Electric cars won’t save us, says new UK parliamentary report; get a bike instead

It calls for more support of bikes, walking and transit, banning ICE-powered cars sooner. Read More

/ August 23, 2019

Overeating is really terrible for the planet

Scientists calculated the ecological impact of food wasted from eating more than necessary – the numbers are staggering. Read More

/ August 23, 2019

Amazon on fire: ‘The earth isn’t dying. It’s being killed.’

The Amazon rainforest doesn't need prayers, it needs protectors. The Amazon rainforest has hit a new record – and not the good kind. With 72,843 fires detected so far this year by Brazil’s National Institute for Space research (INPE), it...

/ August 22, 2019

French solar roadway declared “a complete flop”

Sometimes we should just let a bad idea die. Read More

/ August 21, 2019

Turning Plastic Waste into Jet Fuel!

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/ August 21, 2019

Is Cross-Laminated Timber the New Concrete?

One designer thinks that it can take the place of concrete in buildings, inside and out. Read More

/ August 20, 2019

In Canada, saying climate change is real could get you in trouble during the election

Because a fringe candidate is a climate denier, it's now a political issue. Read More

/ August 19, 2019