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China Economic Stimulus Stirs Macau Optimism, But White Collar Slowdown Looms

Slower economic growth in mainland China is hitting Macau’s casino revenue. Getty China’s moves to stimulate its economy have renewed optimism about Macau gaming revenue in some quarters. Beijing’s decision to make tax cuts and

Even Without Mueller’s Report, Congress Had All the Facts It Needed

No matter what Attorney General William Barr reveals—or doesn’t—about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, everything Congress needed to know about Donald Trump and Russia was already clear. October 7, 2016, was the near-death experience of

Where are the Greens in the Green New Deal?

Longtime democracy activist Ben Manski reflects on the history, and possible futures, of a Green New Deal.

The Silencing of Manuel Duran Ortega

A journalist fights detention and deportation by ICE.

The Atlantic Daily: Independence Day (Postponed)

What We’re Following President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday directing colleges to promote free speech on campus. The administration has, for years, sought to take action on campus speech, motivated by the

Foreign Correspondent: How the Media Distort News from Venezuela

Whenever officials in Washington, D.C. set out to overthrow a foreign government, mainstream U.S. media outlets are there to give a helping hand. All pretense of fairness and balance disappear in favor of outrageous distortion.

How Thailand Became the World’s Last Military Dictatorship

If military dictatorship is defined in the strictest sense as the rule of a junta or military officer who comes to power through a coup and then doesn’t hold elections to offer a veneer of

The View from the Border #FakeTrumpEmergency

Earlier this month, I spent a day kayaking in the Rio Grande delta region with a group of about a dozen veterans from across the United States. The group included two activists of the Tohono

Why Disney Hired Back James Gunn

When Disney fired James Gunn last July, it seemed like an object lesson of that ever-relevant and oft-repeated internet maxim: Never tweet. Gunn, the director of Marvel’s popular Guardians of the Galaxy movies, had joined

It’s Time to Talk about Charter School Privilege

Charter schools have been taking it on the chin lately. Teacher strikes in Los Angeles and Oakland made charter schools a point of contention; new legislation in Washington, D.C. demands the same transparency of charters

‘This Could Have Been Their 9/11 Moment’

NEW YORK CITY—The prayer space at the Islamic Center at New York University is like any other college conference room: big windows, tall ceilings, retro carpeting. But when it’s transformed for Friday prayers, called jummah,

Macau Casino Extensions Leave Big Questions Unanswered

Stanley Ho-founded SJM Holidings received an extension to its casino concession to operate the original Casino Lisboa (foreground) and Grand Lisboa.Getty Macau has finally taken a first step toward acting responsibly on gaming concession expirations,

The Donald Trump Bible

Sure, it’s stomach-turning and a bit shocking to see Donald Trump signing Bibles. It’s not the tinge of blasphemy and desecration, plenty of people write in Bibles and it’s not that big a deal. What

Secular Democrats Are the New Normal

Were a Democrat from the Clinton, Bush, or Obama eras to watch the presidential announcement video that Beto O’Rourke released on Thursday, they would likely be struck by how it ended. Or, more specifically, by

Disposable Fashion Is Growing Exponentially, and It’s Hell on the Environment

One response is sustainably conscious and “circularly” produced clothing.

The Myth of White Meritocracy

The recent college admissions cheating scandal involving parents accused of committing bribery and fraud to get their children into elite schools raises two issues: the myth of meritocracy for the privileged and the continued denigration

The Aftermath Is a Superficial, War-Torn Love Story

The first shot of The Aftermath is a dispassionate view of an aerial attack, a bombing run that blows the city below into smithereens. The city is Hamburg, which was set ablaze in 1943 and

The Atlantic Daily: Proximity as a Shortcut to Empathy

What We’re Following Is indicating proximity the only way to evoke the empathy of Western audiences? 157 people—the entirety of those on board—died after Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed Sunday morning en route from Addis