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J Hurtado’s 14 Favorite Indian Films of 2018

Ee.Ma.Yau. Dir: Lijo Jose Pellissery This film marks three in a row for Malayalam director Lijo Jose Pellissery, whose Double Barrel (2015) and Angamaly Diaries (2017) previously made it to my favorites lists in their

Blu-ray Review: Criterion Tells TRUE STORIES

The dream has come true… In the prophetic past of 1986, Talking Heads frontman emeritus David Byrne veered off the promising road of his successful art/rock band long enough to make a movie. Warner Brothers

Blu-ray Review: STARMAN Resonates Even More Today

Starring Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski, Bad Times at the El Royale) and Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Scrooged), John Carpenter’s science-fiction romance Starman hit the screens in 1984. In Starman, an alien crash lands


Scream Factory is so much fun. They’re resurrecting amazing classics and underseen favorites on Blu-ray for those who’ve seen them and love them, but also to new generations of weirdo film fans that have yet

Blu-ray Review: Brian De Palma’s SISTERS Goes Criterion

Out now from the Criterion Collection, comes the Blu-ray release of Brian De Palma’s Sisters. It’s the director’s (Carrie, Raising Cane, Scarface, Dressed to Kill, The Untouchables) first film where he began to develop the style he became

Friday One Sheet: The Best Posters of 2018

The beauty of 2018, in terms of Key Art, was in the wide range of styles and colour palettes that were designed for a difficult to categorize year, that was a mix of throwback aesthetics, experimentation and clean minimalism. There were no discernible themes or obviously trendy styles for the posters of the past year. And there were many eye-catching designs that broke through the usual morass of cliche and laziness often endemic in the blockbuster scene, but no less present in the indie and over seas markets.  Below are ten stand-outs from the year, where each entry links back to either the column in these pages, the film reviewed, or both. Click through the gallery below….

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Film Review: Nicolas Cage engages in ‘supernatural soft porn’ in ‘Between Worlds’

If Hollywood is running out of ideas; as to how direct and market Nicolas Cage in a movie, this is one way to get the audience’s attention (or not!). Put Nicolas Cage in a ‘soft

THE STANDOFF AT SPARROW CREEK: Check Out A New Image From Henry Dunham’s Acclaimed Thriller

Writer-director Henry Dunham has had a fantastic response to his debut feature The Standoff At Sparrow Creek since the taut thriller first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. And after a tidy festival run

Trailer for US: Jordan Peele Wishes You a Scary Christmas

As my colleague Josh Hurtado noted, not many of us would have guessed that Jordan Peele, known mainly as a comedian, would turn out to be a great horror director. His feature debut Get Out, a brilliant social satire-horror, won the hearts of audiences and critics alike in 2017, as well as winning Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Now, Peele returns with another tale of terror, and he's yet again scored an amazing cast. The first trailer dropped today, and it looks pretty amazing. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong'o) returns to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe (Winston Duke), and their two children (Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) for an idyllic summer getaway. Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her…

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Blu-ray Review: Euzhan Palcy’s A DRY WHITE SEASON Is Stunningly Timely

Joining the Criterion Collection at spine #953, Euzhan Palcy’s 1989 apartheid drama A Dry White Season is a last-minute must-own from the label, after a preternaturally strong year (even for them). Great art has both

Friday One Sheet: GRETA

The teaser poster for Neil Jordan's latest thriller, Greta, is going the 'book cover' route in terms of design. That is to say, using icons, the fish hook and the work briefcase. The background is painted with a bold yellow tone, a colour that generally screams 'indie drama.' However, if you look closer you will see that the yellow is actually running and distorted, which perhaps recodes it perhaps as 'dark indie drama.' Offkilter drama has, more or less, been the staple of Jordan's eccentric cinematic oeuvre. Albeit the design company, one of my favourites, B O N D, have deigned not to include the director's name in the composition. Maybe it is a quirk or a happy accident, but the shadow of the brief…

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Behold The Glorious Majesty Of The COMMANDO NINJA!

Are you ready for a little present to warm the cockles of your heart? Because Benjamin Combes has got one for you, oh, yes he does. It was back in March that we first wrote about writer-director Combes and his homage to cheesy 80s action movies Commando Ninja. Both of these things are amazing, he reasoned, so why not put them together? And that's what he was doing. At the time Combes was crowdfunding money to complete a 45 minute short film but the crowdfund went so damn well – because, y'know, it's about a Commando Ninja – that he has now expanded it out to over an hour and is sharing it online for free! At least for a limited time. COMMANDO NINJA is…

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Blood Window 2018: Market And Work in Progress Screenings Recap

I have sat in and reported on Works in Progress sessions at film festivals. However, to date any of these sessions that I have attended have only shown snippets and clips of finished footage. I have never been able to sit through a workprint screening until I attended Blood Window. Here is to new experiences. Throughout the week WIP and Market screenings were scheduled at a separate cinema from the main venue and we tried to make it to as many screenings as we could.   We missed some just due to timing and scheduling conflicts. Then there were other days when the heavens opened and it rained gatos y perros, all day long. That day you always saw the multitude of attendees standing at…

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018, Part 4: Monster Pins and Other Stuff

Mike and myself give you a glimpse of the cozy magnificence that is the Krampus Cardigan from Middle of Beyond. Not to be outdone, Retro Go-Go recently came out with nifty enamel pins featuring all of the characters from the General Mills monster cereal brand that started in the 70s. Are you a Frankenberry or a Frute Brute? Count Chocula or Boo Berry? Each pin comes in a little box that recreates the original cereal box art. They also have a nifty X-Ray Spex pin that features the glasses we all remember from comic books of the same era. That wraps it up for this year’s edition of the Holiday Gift Guide. Mike and myself hope to hear from you in 2019 as MindFrame(s) episodes…

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Review: This BUMBLEBEE Is Definitely Buzz-Worthy

Michael Bay’s adrenaline addled adaptations of the Transformers saga have been the poster children for the cognitive split between audiences and critics for over a decade now. The first five films in the series have

Tallinn 2018 Review: BAD POEMS, Hungarian Pop-Rom-Dramedy with Flair of Michel Gondry

Emerging Hungarian filmmaker Gábor Reisz hones his film craftsmanship in an idiosyncratic sophomore feature.

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Blood Window 2018: TERRIFIED (ATERRADOS) Wins Best Latin American Film, And More

On Friday morning the award ceremony was held for the Ventana Sur film market. Of special interest to us at Screen Anarchy were the winners of the awards for the Blood Window program, the genre focused co-production program of VS.    Demian Rugna's Terrified (Aterrados) was awarded the EFFFF Latino Award for the best Latin American film of the year by the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation.    Jimena Monteoliva's follow up to last year's Clementina, To Kill The Dragon, won the Sofia Films Award. She will get color correction and VFX supervision for her film which was presented as a work in progress during this year's market.    Daniel de la Vega and Pablo Pares' throwback to postapocalyptic wasteland films Soy Toxico (I Am…

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What’s the best Shakespeare movie adaptation?

I recently watched a bunch of film adaptations from Shakespeare plays as I was about to play in a contemporary retake on Othello. Here's my pick of some international masterpieces – which would have never existed if it weren’t for the man (or the woman after all…). What are your thoughts?       RAN RAN – When warlord Hidetora Ichimonji passes his power to his eldest son, his entire values and life achievements fall apart in a soumptuously tragic manner. If you haven’t watched a Kurosawa movie yet, I absolutely urge you to! This legendary Japanese director (The Seven Samourai, Ikiru, and many more) has inspired Asian and Western cinema since the 1950s. In his 1985 multi-awarded movie Ran, Kurosawa pays tribute to Shakespeare’s King Lear. This…

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