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Pretty Packaging: COWBOY BEBOP Gets An Ultimate Edition

Glasgow-based distributor Anime Limited has built a reputation for daring Blu-ray releases, be it films and series which aren’t that well-known, or outrageous editions for fan-favorites. As a collector, the company is definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially whenever there’s an announcement about an “Ultimate Edition”. In 2016 they released a jawdropping Ultimate Edition Blu-ray for the original Fullmetal Alchemist series, and I concluded the Pretty Packaging article for that with the following sentences: “Will Anime Limited ever top this? It sure will be fun to find out…” Well… that topping just happened. Anime Limited’s 20th Anniversary Ultimate Edition for Cowboy Bebop arrived last week (after a few delays), and the size of the package when it arrived got me some puzzled stares from…

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DEMONS: Take A First Look A Daniel Hui’s Berlin Selected Dark Satire

Singpore director Daniel Hui wades right in to the thick of the debate around sexual politics, manipulation and abuse of power with his new feature Demons. Following a successful bow at the Busan International Film

SXSW 2019: Jordan Peele’s US, Features, Docs, Episodic TV, and Much More

The 2019 edition of the SXSW Film Festival, which runs from March 8 to March 16th, is right around the corner. SXSW recently announced that opening night film: Jordan Peele's highly anticipated Us will be the opening night film. This week, the festival revealed its lineup of feature films, documentaries, episodic television premieres, and special events. Some of the many programming highlights include world premieres of Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum, Chris Morris' The Day Shall Come, the What We Do In the Shadows television series, and Paul Solet's Tread. The rest of the program, including midnight films and shorts, will be unveiled on February 6th.  A full list of what's been announced so far is provided below. NARRATIVE FEATURE COMPETITION Ten world premieres, ten unique ways to celebrate the art of…

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Friday One Sheet: HIGH LIFE Essays Biology in Space

Thus far, 2019 has been the year of Green. While two weeks hardly make a trend, it cannot be understated how underused green is in movie key art. Here is the poster for Claire Denis's 'sex-ain't-sexy' space drama, High Life, in which Robert Pattinson is raising a child on an abandoned space-ship cum laboratory (pun intended). We witness the results of an experiment using convicts to study reproduction and sterility in deep space exploration has gone awry.  (This is somewhat serendipitous in light of the news that the Chinese Goverment has both put the first plant on the moon, and it died within 24 hours.) So biology and event horizons are on the brain with this one. Highlife is a juxtaposition of opposites, expressed in…

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Robert D. Krzykowski's lengthy titled film The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot is hitting U.S. cinemas, On Demand and VOD on February 8th. Distrbiutor RJLE Films has just released a trailer for the film which you will find below.    The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot follows the epic adventures of an American legend that no one has ever heard of.  Since WWII, Calvin Barr (Elliott) has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and is carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to…

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LEVEL 16: Dark Sky And Raven Banner Announce Release Date With a Trailer And Poster Debut For The Canadian Dystopian Thriller

Dark Sky Films and our friends here in Toronto, Raven Banner Releasing, have acquired Danishka Esterhazy’s dystopian thriller Level 16. Along with announcing the release date the poster for theatrical and US VOD were released

The Holidays Will Get Bloody In DEATHCEMBER!

Hey, kids! Have you all survived the holidays? Well, you may not next year, because that's when indie horror anthology Deathcember should be rolling around. Yep, you got it … it's 24 holiday themed horror shorts from 24 international directors for what will quite possibly be the bloodiest advent calendar ever. The director roster is a blend of familiar and new faces with the likes of Trent Haaga (68 Kill), Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon (Black Hollow Cage), Pollyanna McIntosh (best known these days for her role on The Walking Dead), Korean maverick Lee Sang-woo, Chelsea Stardust (currently directing Satanic Panic for Fangoria), Isaac Exban (The Similars), Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) and Lucky McKee (May) among the more notable names. The film is currently running a Kickstarter campaign…

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HARPOON: Yellow Veil Acquires World Sales, Release New Teaser

Upstart sales company Yellow Veil Pictures have acquired the worldwide sales right for the Canadian dark comedy Harpoon from director Rob Grant (Alive and Knuckleball).      Directed and written by Grant, Harpoon is about to have its World Premiere at the esteemed Internation Film Festival Rotterdam at the end of the month. Perhaps our own Ard Vijn will be able to catch the flick during his time at the festival.      Yellow Veil have released a quick tease(r) in light of their announcement. You will find it below.      NY/LA-based arthouse genre sales company Yellow Veil Pictures has acquired world sales rights on HARPOON from director Rob Grant (Mon Ami, 2012) and producers Michael Peterson (Alive, 2018), Kurtis David Harder (What Keeps…

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SKIP City 2019: Japanese Digital Film Festival Now Open For Submissions

Attention digital filmmakers! SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival in Japan is now open for submissions. While the debate of film versus digital will go on SKIP was one of the first international film festivals to focus solely on digital cinema and has done so for the past 14 years. Rather successfully. Last year’s Japanese Feature Film Competition winner Siblings of the Cape will have its international premiere as one of the 8 Ingmar Bergman Competition titles at the upcoming Gothenburg Film Festival.    So, if you are a digital filmmaker and one of your dreams is to have your film screen in Japan then consider submitting your film to SKIP City. More details in the press release below.    We are happy to inform that…

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Indonesian Western BUFFALO BOYS Available Today!

Indonesian western and Singapore's submission for the Oscars' "Best Foreign-Language Film category, Buffalo Boys, is now available in select theaters and on Digital. The internationally produced, 19th century martial-arts western was directed by Mike Wiluan (also a co-producer on Crazy Rich Asians) and co-written with Raymond Lee and Rayya Markarim. It garnered favaorable reviews when it premiered at the Fantasian Film Festival last year (though our own Andrew Mack was largly disappointed).  In the film, two exiled brothers who grew up on the plains of the American Wild West, return to their rightful home to unravel the mystery of their past and avenge the brutal death of their parents. Buffalo Boys stars Yoshi Sudarso (TV's "Power Rangers: Dino Chargo" and "Pretty Boys"), Ario Bayu (Java…

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AUTOMATA: Watch The New Trailer For The Arrow Video FrightFest Entry

Yesterday, Arrow Video FrightFest announced their lineup during the Glasgow Film Festival at the end of February. Among the titles announced was the world premiere of Lawrie Brewster's Automata.    Shortly after the announcement Brewster passed along the brand new trailer which we have for you below.    Despite being labelled as a gothic thriller there appears to be an overabundance of color in the film apart from the lavishness of the Olde United Kingdom. It is something the filmmaker addresses in the following writeup, acknowleding the influences of art and light direction from some Giallo films.   Have a look for yourself below. We will be keeping an eye out for Automata on the festival circuit this year.    Lawrie Brewster's Automata to premiere…

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Review: BEYOND THE NIGHT, Penetrating Grief With Unknown Power

Zane Holtz, Tammy Blanchard and Chance Kelly star in Jason Noto’s slow-burn thriller.

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Now on Home Video: MEMOIR OF WAR and THE CAPTAIN Capture True Horrors

More than seven decades after the official conclusion of World War II, filmmakers are still digesting the experience. In Memoir of War and The Captain, both recently released on home video by Music Box Films,

Blu-ray Review: 10 TO MIDNIGHT Thrills With Vengeful Glee

10 To Midnight.  It's a relic of its gloriously insane cinematic times, and stars the inimitable (well, there's that one guy, in face only, not in voice) Charles Bronson as Leo Kessler, a man's man hard cop, who, like Dirty Harry, and lots of his other roles, couldn't care less about the rights of a lunatic killer. Bronson made a name for himself in his mid-to-late career playing middle-aged men and senior citizens who were just not going to take it anymore, vigilante style. There's a lot of talk about these films being utter right-wing fantasies, and while that may be true, they're just so much fun to watch. Does anyone really not like seeing some well-earned vengeance? The first time I saw 10 To Midnight, I…

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Blu-ray Review: FORTY GUNS Rides Out on Criterion

Don’t be surprised to come away from Samuel Fuller’s  Forty Guns a bit dizzy.  And know that with that advice in tow, it may be the only time you aren’t surprised during this senses-shattering 1957 Western. Boldly shot in both CinemaScope and cool black and white, Forty Guns marks the waning period of the Hollywood Western revival heyday with a swift pistol whipping on the cloven heels of a forty-one horse tear across the dusty plains and the film’s few opening titles.  The unsuspecting fellas on the wagon they blast passed, suddenly and mercilessly engulfed in dust clouds fifteen feet high, never know what nearly hit them.  And just as suddenly as they descended from around the bend, they’re gone around another.  Led by a…

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Blu-ray Review: SOME LIKE IT HOT Is Still One Of The Funniest Films Ever Made

Much has changed in the media landscape since Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot was voted the funniest American film ever made as part of the AFI’s 100 Years 100 Laughs poll back in 2000.

Eric Ortiz’s Favorite Movies Of 2018

After watching 133 new releases over the past 12 months, it’s certainly time to chime in, for what it’s worth, with my list of personal favorites. I live in Mexico City, therefore several 2017 titles

Friday One Sheet: HOTEL MUMBAI

As fitting for a movie with the word HOTEL in the title, the most recent poster for Hotel Mumbai features the sumptuous interior design of one of the rooms. Because the film is about the 2008 terror attacks on the eponymous hotel, the rooms is riddled with bullets, and the flower-petal infused bath-tub has a subtle blooming of blood in the water. The warm brown tones are somewhat of an anomaly in poster design, so suffice it to say, this kind of 'still life' (no actors visible) should stand out in a multiplex lobby. There are some further nice touches in the design here: the chunky room-phone handset casually sitting on the chair; the film's credit block tucked into the white-space of the inside of…

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