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Messed up things in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is often remembered nowadays as a civilization driven by enlightenment. To many, the Ancient Greeks’ world was progressive, democratic, and peaceful, and there’s a lot of truth to all that. But no society is perfect. Here are some messed up things that happened in Ancient Greece.

Nude Man Exercising At Planet Fitness ‘Thought It Was A Judgment-Free Zone’

Police say they found him in a “yoga-type position.”

Dumb things in Thor: Ragnarok that everyone just ignored

Thor: Ragnarok​ did something most people thought was impossible: It was a good movie about Thor. But there were some things in Thor: Ragnarok​ that didn’t make sense. Here are dumb things in Thor: Ragnarok, a story of space gladiators and interstellar vikings battling on an alien garbage planet.

Doctors Now Treating Constipation With Cocaine

An English physician has reportedly started to treat people suffering from severe constipation with cocaine. Doctor Barry White, not to be confused with the late singer, is believed to have a 99% success rate with his unorthodox treatment methods. “As a member of the medical profession, I have naturally developed a rather large cocaine habit…

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London’s Night Czar More Of A Nightmare

A number of prominent music industry professionals save slammed London’s first ever Night Czar, Amy Lamé, after she failed to protect the city from yet more draconian licensing law enforcement. The latest shit to hit the fan comes in the form of new “core curfews” in the borough of Hackney, one of London’s busiest nightlife…

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The untold truth of Kat Von D

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist who found fame and fortune staring on the tattoo reality TV show Miami Ink, before leaving for her own LA Ink. But there’s more to the famously feisty tattoo artist than just her ink and her controversy. Here’s the untold truth of Kat Von D.

The untold truth of Between Two Ferns

Zach Galifianakis is the host of Between Two Ferns, probably the most unique talk show of the decade. Zach Galifianakis invites big-time celebrities onto Between Two Ferns for what can only be described as an anti-talk show. Here’s the untold truth of Between Two Ferns.

The most annoying smash hits ever recorded

There will always be artists who make a living cranking out bland songs for people who just want bland songs, but there will also always be songs that are more annoying than that. Songs like these. These songs​ seem specifically calibrated to annoy. Here are the most annoying smash hits of all time.

The most bizarre eBay items ever sold

One of the coolest things about eBay is that you can sell just about anything on there. As long as the sale isn’t illegal, you can probably sell it on eBay. One of the worst parts about eBay is you can sell just about anything on there. Here are the most bizarre things ever sold on eBay.

Netflix Announce New Horror Series About “The Fear”

The world’s most popular TV streaming platform, Netflix, has announced a brand new “horror series” based entirely around the fear people feel the morning after a night out. The show, said to be titled I Can’t Even, has been highlighted as one of Netflix’s must-watch series of 2018 and is expected to evoke “genuine terror”…

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2 Unlimited Finally Reach Their Limit

The latest news from the old school community suggests that the 1990’s Eurodance powerhouse, 2 Unlimited, have finally reached their limit. Until now, it was largely considered that the duo had no limits, as was heavily emphasised in their seminal 1993 smash hit single No Limit. However, it would appear that now, twenty-five years later,…

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Even Ninja Turtles Have To Deal With New York Gentrification

Ninja turtles Michaelangelo and Donatello are at Comic-Con in San Diego promoting their new show.

Python Slithers Away From Home, Winds Up In Man’s Toilet Miles Away

The out-of-place snake turned out to be a lost pet, said Virginia Beach Animal Control.

This Deadpool Toilet Seat Cover Is Something We Should All Get Behind

This crappy promotion can found in bathrooms at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Accident-Prone Koala Rescued For Third Time After Getting Stuck In Fence

The large male adult koala was totally calm when a rescue organization found and unhooked him.