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Technology that probably won’t exist in 20 years

Today we have technology to entertain us and keep us all kinds of busy to avoid social situations. But many of these technologies will be obsolete not in 50 or 100 years but in a couple short decades. Here are technologies that probably won’t exist in 20 years.

Messed up things that actually happened in the Victorian era

The Victorian era, while modern and advanced compared to some, was seriously nuts. All kinds of messed up things went down in the Victorian era. Congratulations to humans for surviving the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages, but Victorian England was something else, man.

Seeing Gordon Ramsay In A Restaurant You’re At Is Either A Good Sign, Or A Bad One

The most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week.

Lives destroyed by Marvel

While Marvel Comics has grown beyond belief and made many artists, writers, and their creations household names around the world, it’s not all sunshine and X-Men. A number of people have run afoul of Marvel over the years and suffered as a result. Here are lives ruined by Marvel.

Florida Woman Fleeing Police Gets Corralled By Cows

Maybe this was the one time to have a cow?

Politicians who completely lost it on camera

Just imagine being a politician. The pressure on politicians is nonstop, with every word and move scrutinized beyond belief. It must be hard being a politician under all that pressure, so it’s no surprise that politicians lose it from time to time. When they do, it’ll probably get caught on camera.

Facts about Typhoid Mary the average person doesn’t know

Mary Mallon should have lived the American dream. But when this chef found typhoid outbreaks following everywhere she went, Typhoid Mary’s life changed forever. Here are facts most people don’t know about Typhoid Mary, a much-maligned character from early 1900s New York.

Instagram Announce Plans To “Ban Uglies”

In a major shakeup, popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has announced plans to ban all “uglies” from using the app. The ban, which will also include “mingers and munters” but surprisingly not “rotters”, will come into effect at some point in the year 2020. Michaella Da Santos, a spokesperson for Instagram, explained their decision earlier, “Instagram…

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Bloke 100% Certain Girl Who Danced Beside Him Was Coming Onto Him

A bloke who was recently spotted dancing in a nightclub is reportedly one hundred percent certain that the girl dancing beside him was coming onto him. Andy Walker, the man in question, claims that, despite feeling flattered, he rejected the girl’s advances as he believed she was only into him for his “killer dance moves”….

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“Cunt Piss-Flaps Wanker Dick Head” Claims DJ With Tourette’s

A DJ, who is also a spokesperson for a Tourette’s awareness group, has wowed his audience by claiming “cunt piss-flaps wanker dick head” during a recent talk about the condition. Speaking to a full room, Danny Holden, aka DJ Holden Brown, spoke openly about his life with Tourette’s, interspersed with random curse words, or tics…

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World’s Oldest Living Married Couple Is A Combined Age Of 208

They need about 14 more months before they set record for oldest married couple ever.

Terrifying true stories of encounters with deadly snakes

There’s no two ways about it: snakes are terrifying. We know a lot more now than we did as cave dwellers, so we can tell which snakes are less dangerous to us. But we’re still totally freaked out by snakes, and that’s fine. Here are terrifying true stories of encounters with deadly snakes.

Comedians who completely lost it on camera

Being funny is serious business. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with comedians, all to hone that perfect joke. Toss in everyday stresses and comedians are potential powder kegs on stage, even before the hecklers come out. Here are a few comedians who completely lost it on camera.

Respected artists who were actually terrible people

You don’t need a beautiful soul to create beautiful art. Look at famous painters, musicians, or writers for examples. But while not all artists are paragons of virtue, some go way beyond that. These respected artists were really, really terrible people.

“1 Sip” The Perfect Amount To Drink Out Of Each Beer At Afterparty

The latest research has confirmed that “one sip” is the perfect amount of beer to drink from each can or bottle at an afterparty. According to the research, the best time to take the sip is straight after the beer is opened, ensuring it is still carbonated and cold for maximum enjoyment. Carlos Berg, a…

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Man Who Hasn’t Been Out In Almost A Week Planning Big Weekend

A man who hasn’t been out in almost a full week is reportedly planning an extra big weekend to make up for lost time. Graham Mills, who last went out this day last week, claims that after giving up the sesh for five whole nights, he is ready to get his dancing shoes back on….

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The untold truth of the Slender Man

The Slender Man is the undisputed horror icon of the internet age. The release of the 2018 theatrical Slender Man movie suddenly put the internet’s most notorious monster in front of a whole new audience. If that’s you, or even if you’re already a Slenderfan, here’s the untold truth of Slender Man.