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Flirting with Disaster: Brexit Vote Moves Britain Closer to the Brink

The British parliament voted Tuesday to obstruct one of the last remaining ways to an orderly Brexit. This is partly due to the intransigence of members of parliament, and partly due to Prime Minister Theresa May’s hamfisted negotiating tactics.

Two Crashes in Five Months: What’s Wrong with Boeing’s 737 Max 8?

Boeing’s new airplane has only been around for two years and already two 737 Max 8s have crashed, killing 346 people. The disasters may be attributable to a design flaw that emerged when engineers began cutting corners.

London: activists take action against former Italian Minister of Interior

On the 12th March 2019 students, activists and academics have taken action against the visit of the former Italian Minister of Interior, Marco Minniti, the architect of Italy’s policy to externalisation of the EU border to Libya and the sealing of the Mediterranean route. During a scheduled talk at the London School of Economics (LSE)

Patronizing, Frustrating and Divisive: The Shortcomings of Merkel’s European Policies

Germany had an historic opportunity to forge a more integrated Europe with French President Emmanuel Macron. Instead, it hesitated, dithered and ultimately missed its chance under Chancellor Angela Merkel. History will judge its failure unfavorably.

Unions must again fight for immigrant amnesty

IN FEBRUARY 2000, the AFL-CIO Executive Council passed a unanimous resolution calling for an immediate amnesty for undocumented workers and an end to employer sanctions that had primarily been used to undermine labor organizing, “thus

Man arrested for showing up at YouTube and threatening violence over deleted account

A man was arrested this past Sunday after showing up to Google’s Mountain View, Calif. headquarters and threatening violence over his belief that YouTube had deleted his account and the single video he had posted

AIPAC annual conference to feature Israeli settler leader discussing the future of the West Bank

For the first time in AIPAC’s history, the lobby group has invited a senior leader of the Yesha Council, an umbrella organization of municipal councils of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, to speak at its annual convention in Washington, D.C. this month.

Iceland: police use teargas against refugee rights protest

The police in Iceland have used teargas and reacted rather violently on Monday when asylum seekers protested wanting to draw attention to the inhumane conditions they live in, Refugees in Iceland have reported.  Yesterday’s protest was the fourth in the recent weeks.  In the invitation to the gathering, the No Borders Iceland stated: “In the

A Migration Nightmare: Why Germany’s Deportation System Is Failing Everyone

As Germany tries to crack down on rejected asylum-seekers and criminal refugees, its civil servants are constrained by the limits of a dysfunctional system. Whether refugee, police officer or office clerk, almost everyone involved has something to complain about. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

An exposed database tracked whether 1.8 million Chinese women were “breed ready”

Over the weekend, security researcher Victor Gevers stumbled upon a Chinese database of 1.8 million women that listed their names, physical addresses, phone numbers and one potentially more troubling status: whether they were “breed ready.”

Nancy Pelosi Dumps Ice Water on the Pro-Impeachment Caucus

This is Pelosi at her most candid—and her most calculated.

House of Hope: Battling the Devastation of America’s Opioid Crisis

The U.S. has failed to get it’s burgeoning opioid crisis under control, with the number of newborns suffering from withdrawal having multiplied fivefold in the last decade. One family in New Hampshire is doing what it can to help.

The NYPD is using a new pattern recognition system to help solve crimes

The New York City Police Department is using a new software system called Patternizr, which helps officers search through “hundreds of thousands” of case files, according to a report in The Washington Post. The report

$8.6 Billion: Trump Lines Up Another Border Wall Pipe-Dream

The president is expected to ask Congress for additional funds to complete his long-held border wall dream.

Anti-Palestinian tropes

“Israel has a right to exist” is a rationalization of ethnically cleansing Palestinians. “Israel has a right to defend itself” is a rationalization of slaughtering Palestinians. The mainstream is filled with dehumanizing anti-Palestinian tropes, and it has never occurred to any of the mainstream liberal critics of Ilhan Omar to write about them. They need to get out of their bubble and see how America looks from the Middle East.

Organiser training: how to win at work

The Solidarity Federation runs two workplace organiser training courses which have recently been updated. The first is a general course aimed at all workers and a second is specifically aimed at women. Details are set out below. The Solidarity Federation has been organising workplace organiser training days for a number of years. The training came founder George Hotz wants to free humanity from the AI simulation

What keeps George Hotz, the enigmatic hacker and founder of self-driving startup, up at night is not whether his autonomous car company will be successful or what other entrepreneurial venture he might embark on

Elizabeth Warren takes on Amazon at Long Island City campaign event

Friday morning, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) vowed that, if elected president in 2020, she would break up tech behemoths like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Only a few hours later, she arrived in Long Island City in