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How Cigarettes Became A Symbol of Power In Film

Independent female film characters come in all shapes and sizes. But cinema’s femme fatales often have one thing in common: they inevitably end up puffing smoke. As it turns out, that’s not a coincidence. It has to do with the...

/ June 19, 2020

Juneteenth: Why It’s Time For Reparations | Opinion

Economist William Darity has spent the last 30 years trying to figure out how a slavery reparations program could close the racial wealth gap. Black Americans currently hold $800,000 less in wealth than their white counterparts. Darity believes this wealth...

/ June 19, 2020

Don’t Call The United States A “Third-World” Dictatorship | Commentary

Police brutality, abuse of civil rights, a leader exercising unilateral power - many would associate these characteristics with a “Third-World dictatorship,” but what we’re describing here is America. The problem is, America isn’t a “Third-World Dictatorship” - never has been...

/ June 15, 2020

Why delivery apps are actually hurting restaurants

A lot of us are getting food delivered during the coronavirus pandemic, but did you know that mainstream delivery apps are actually hurting independent restaurants? Yara talks to a restaurant owner and breaks down all the extra fees you pay...

/ June 13, 2020

The Unexpected Critique Found In Children Of Men

A common gripe about classic or popular dystopian fiction like “Blade Runner,” “Brave New World” and “Mad Max” is that their depictions of women are incessantly derogatory. And yeah, the women in these films and novels are, more often than...

/ June 12, 2020

Think Looting Is Bad? Ask Yourself Why | Opinion

If you turn on the TV, chances are you’ve seen a lot of protest coverage focused on riots and looting. But are the media and politicians using white fear of Black violence to delegitimize George Floyd protests? Author Mychal Denzel...

/ June 11, 2020

What Happens If the USPS Goes Bankrupt?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exploited the U.S. Postal Service’s underlying health conditions and its financial struggles. The nation’s most popular government agency is on life support and looking for an influx of cash from the government. But it seems the...

/ June 10, 2020

The Minneapolis You Aren’t Seeing After George Floyd’s Killing

Dena Takruri reconnects with James, a young Black father she met after a police killing in 2016. James gave a Skype tour of his Minneapolis neighborhood – where George Floyd was recently killed by police. Many of the buildings were...

/ June 9, 2020

When Late Night Talked Race, Politics And A Lot Else You Don’t See Anymore

Late night TV today is often contrived and flashy. But it once embraced difficult political and cultural subject matter. Between 1968 and 1986, The Dick Cavett Show became a stage on which America grappled with its own identity surrounding race,...

/ June 5, 2020

Sweden Had No Lockdown. Did It Work?

Sweden has become a model for staying open during the pandemic for lockdown opponents in the U.S. Yet comparing Sweden and the U.S. without context is misleading. Unlike the Scandinavian country, the U.S. was not equipped with a robust social...

/ June 3, 2020

Why Are So Many Native Americans Dying From Coronavirus?

The Navajo Nation has the highest COVID-19 infection rate of anywhere in the U.S. With the story largely overlooked by the media and limited support from the government, a grassroots women-led movement is rising up to fight back against the...

/ June 2, 2020

How NYC Is Burying The Dead During Coronavirus

[Warning: Distressing Themes] “We are experiencing the loss of 9/11 a couple times a week potentially. And that's going on week after week.” In the age of the novel coronavirus, mass burials and Zoom funerals might just be the new...

/ May 10, 2020

Could Aboriginal Burns Save Australia From Fires?

Aboriginal people in Australia have been using cultural burns, or small-scale fires, for 50,000 years to reduce the risk of big bushfires. “Goodbye Earth” met Indigenous fire practitioners who believe cultural fires could be the way to protect the country...

/ January 20, 2020

The World’s Only Koala Hospital vs. Australia Bushfires

We visit the only koala hospital in the world to watch animals hurt in Australia’s bush fires get rehabilitated. Fires in Australia continue to burn and one billion animals are estimated to have died. Koalas were already a dwindling population...

/ January 16, 2020

Naomi Klein On The Iraq War, Bernie Sanders & Why The Climate Crisis Can’t Wait

War with Iran, the climate crisis and supremacist ideologies: Naomi Klein explains how they’re all linked together – and how to fight them. Klein is the award-winning author of several books, including “The Shock Doctrine.” In it, she explains how...

/ January 14, 2020

Sea Levels Are Rising In Miami, Turning Little Haiti Into Hot Property | AJ+

While the city’s famous beaches will eventually be submerged by rising sea levels, Little Haiti sits on a ridge far above these properties. Its location has made it a hot spot for development, and Haitians say they are being forced...

/ January 7, 2020

General Soleimani: Who Was the Iranian Leader? | AJ+

President Trump ordered the drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani, Iran's top military commander. But who was General Soleimani and why do many fear his assassination could lead to war with Iran. #Iran #Trump #War Subscribe for more videos:

/ January 4, 2020

Why ISIS Is Like The Greek Monster Hydra

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by the U.S. in October 2019. But does his death actually mean the death of ISIS? We’re going to look at how the war on terror, the Iraq War and the destabilization of...

/ December 6, 2019

This Midwife Delivers Babies with a Razor and Her Bare Hands | AJ+

Thousands of children are born each year in the world’s largest refugee camp. Most of them enter the world in tents with the help of midwives who work with their bare hands and few tools. Zohora Khatun is one of...

/ December 3, 2019

See How Beef Is Destroying The Amazon

It’s true, the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed by our global appetite for beef. In Brazil, beef production is actually ramping up under new president, Jair Bolsonaro, and the clearing of land for more cattle pasture was one of the...

/ October 29, 2019