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Right now is a ‘really hard time’ for China to introduce a property tax

Zhang Xin, chief executive of real estate developer Soho China, said on Saturday that the country's economy is too "soft" for a property tax.

NSW votes: Counting underway as early results come in

The latest: Polling booths have closed across the state. Final results could take several days to be revealed. Liberal-Nationals currently hold 52 of 93 seats in the NSW lower house. Labor will need to pick


Boeing’s Cost-Cutting Addiction Squeezed Every Dollar Out 737 Until Disaster Struck

The calamity of two successive crashes of Boeing’s latest jet, the 737 MAX-8 has left the company facing the most serious scrutiny it has ever faced, including a potentially criminal investigation by the Department of

Police officer struggling to recover after being hit by 17yo driver, court told

Posted March 23, 2019 11:55:02 A Hobart court has heard how a police officer thought he was going die as he stared into the eyes of a 17-year-old deliberately driving at him. Key points: A

Trump-Russia: Special counsel Robert Mueller delivers report

President Donald Trump (left) has criticised Robert Mueller’s (right) investigation as a “witch hunt” Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his long-awaited report on alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. The

Robert Mueller submits long-awaited report on Russia investigation

Attorney General Bill Barr has received the Mueller report, marking the end of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump, The Washington

Pinterest is growing, but not as fast as Twitter or Snap were when they filed their IPOs

Pinterest’s business is growing steadily, but not at the same clip as other big advertising–driven tech IPOs from the past decade. According to new IPO paperwork filed Friday that offered the most detailed look yet

New Zealand Police Interviewed Mosque Shooter Before Granting Gun License

By Tyler Durden (ZH) – New Zealand police revealed on Friday that they met with accused Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant in October 2017 as part of…

The national security consequences of climate change are here and now

In just the past 12 months, Nebraska floods, Carolina and Florida hurricanes and California wildfires have put military installations in peril, ravaging buildings and doing billions in damage. The big picture: The national security consequences

Pinterest files for its IPO

Pinterest, the social bookmarking platform, on Friday filed for an IPO that should result in its shares being traded next month on the New York Stock Exchange. Big picture: Pinterest is one of several 2019

ISIL territory ‘100 percent eliminated’ in Syria: White House

US Defense Department tells Trump ISIL no longer holds any territory in Syria, a White House spokeswoman says.

How electric vehicles are causing a “sea-change in the auto sector”

The emergence of electric vehicles, automated tech and ride-sharing has prompted a wave of corporate partnerships and joint ventures in the auto industry as big players seek their footing in the evolving market. Driving the

“Water Is Life”: Midwestern Floods Threaten Indigenous Communities at Forefront of Climate Crisis

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman. While the Southern Hemisphere faces its worst tropical cyclone on record, states across

“Remember the South”: Devastating Cyclone Idai Another Example of Global South Paying for Polluters

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, as we turn now to the worst weather disaster in the history of

Recode Daily: Facebook faces yet another privacy mishap

Facebook employees had access to the passwords of hundreds of millions of users. It’s another damaging revelation about the social media giant, which has faced sustained criticism over its privacy practices in recent years. The

The dollar is likely to reap the benefit of economic uncertainty across the West

Currency traders are having trouble deciding which of the world’s major Western economies is in the worst shape. They have been selling the U.S. dollar, euro and British pound intermittently as various central banks signal

Thailand is holding its first election after years of military rule. Here’s what you need to know

The March 24 vote comes after the ruling junta repeatedly postponed general elections after it overthrew an elected government in 2014.


Free trade as a scapesheep

Romania has emerged as one of the targets of dairy farmers’ protests in Sardinia. But the figures show that Romanian exports are not to blame for the sheep milk crisis.