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Carbon pricing: it’s a proven way to reduce emissions but everyone’s too scared to mention it

In all the strategies and tactics of the climate wars, the most disturbing development is that the carbon pricing became roadkill.

/ February 25, 2020

The last ice age tells us why we need to care about a 2℃ change in temperature

Perhaps 2℃ doesn't sound like much, but if you look through history, 2℃ temperature changes have had huge effects on the planet and people.

/ February 25, 2020

Labor’s climate policy is too little, too late. We must run faster to win the race

Simple maths reveals Labor's policy, if replicated by all other nations, would not avert dangerous global warming.

/ February 24, 2020

Green ammonia could slash emissions from farming – and power ships of the future

Making ammonia produces almost 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

/ February 21, 2020

VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on an extended travel ban, a royal commission, and zero emissions by 2050

Michelle Grattan on the week in politics, including the travel ban, the royal commission into the bushfires, and labor's stance on a compulsory superannuation guarantee and zero emissions by 2050.

/ February 21, 2020

I’ve seriously tried to believe capitalism and the planet can coexist, but I’ve lost faith

Some people might think it's a ridiculous conversation, but for the sake of the planet we need to talk about ending capitalism.

/ February 21, 2020

Here are 5 practical ways trees can help us survive climate change

In a warming world, trees can play a major role in keeping cities and your home cool. If you plan it right, they can even save you money and protect your home from bushfires.

/ February 18, 2020

A military perspective on climate change could bridge the gap between believers and doubters

US military leaders have to plan for operations all over the world, so they can't afford to ignore climate change or debate its causes.

/ February 18, 2020

Nearly 80% of Australians affected in some way by the bushfires, new survey shows

The study is the first of its kind to gauge how people were impacted by the bushfire crisis and how it changed their views on a range of subjects, from climate change to the government response.

/ February 17, 2020

New tools help communities measure and reduce their emissions locally

Carbon accounting isn't always simple, so it's important to make it easier to measure and reduce emissions at the local level. And that's ultimately the starting point for global climate action.

/ February 13, 2020

Climate change means longer take-offs and fewer passengers per aeroplane – new study

Weaker winds and higher temperatures are making airlines less efficient.

/ February 13, 2020

Kenya is experiencing strange weather. What’s behind it

The unusual weather can be attributed to the Indian Ocean Dipole. This is the difference in sea surface temperatures between the eastern and western tropical Indian Ocean.

/ February 13, 2020

Countering climate denialism requires taking on right-wing populism. Here’s how

Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion protest in Pretoria, South Africa. EFE-EPA/Kim LudbrookHistory may in due course record 2019 as the year in which the penny finally dropped about the climate emergency humanity faces. A sense of urgency was triggered last...

/ February 12, 2020

Conservative but green independent MP Zali Steggall could break the government’s climate policy deadlock

When barrister, former world champion alpine skier, and now independent MP Zali Steggall took Tony Abbott’s New South Wales seat of Warringah in the 2019 election, she promised to pressure the government for action on climate change. She was voicing...

/ February 12, 2020

222 scientists say cascading crises are the biggest threat to the well-being of future generations

These scientists identified the five most severe crises the planet faces in a new report, Our Future on Earth 2020.

/ February 11, 2020

Duke the dog’s plane death shows how climate change complicates pet ownership

ShutterstockThis summer’s bushfires and heatwaves may have led you to wonder how climate change will shape our lives. But have you given any thought to how it might affect your pets? The issue of climate change and pet ownership came...

/ February 11, 2020

The dystopian experience of skiing in New Jersey’s new American Dream mall

Snowboarders and skiers enjoy the grand opening of Big Snow. AP Photo/Seth WenigIn 50 years of skiing, my first downhill run of 2020 was like nothing I had ever experienced. The 28-degree temperature and machine-made snow were familiar enough, but...

/ February 7, 2020

‘Sea-level rise won’t affect my house’ – even flood maps don’t sway Florida coastal residents

Floods as a result of Hurricane Irma in Fort Lauderdale. understand that providing consumers with the facts will not sell products. To get people to stop and pay attention, successful advertising delivers information simply and with an emotional hook...

/ February 7, 2020

Soil carbon is a valuable resource, but all soil carbon is not created equal

Planting cover crops, like this red clover in Sussex County, Delaware, can help return carbon to farm fields. Michele Dorsey Walfred/Flickr, CC BYHuman society is literally built on soil. It feeds the world and produces vital fuel and fiber. But...

/ February 6, 2020

Climate crisis is turning Chile’s livestock ranchers against wild herbivores

When you think of the effects of climate change on wildlife, what’s the first image that pops into your mind? Perhaps it’s a lonely, starving polar bear desperately searching for food on a melting ice sheet, or a burnt koala...

/ February 6, 2020