Tea, Berries And Conversation As Russia President Putin Hosts Indian PM Modi For Informal Talks

On July 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for informal discussions at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, near Moscow. Their official talks were scheduled to begin the following day, but Putin suggested they use the relaxed setting to discuss similar topics informally. He congratulated Modi on his recent re-election and commended him for his achievements that benefited India and its people.

Modi arrived in Moscow on July 8 for a two-day state visit. A senior Indian official had indicated that among Modi’s main objectives were addressing the trade imbalance between India and Russia and securing the release of Indian citizens who had been misled into participating in the Ukrainian conflict.

During the visit, Putin also gave Modi a tour of his presidential residence, and they watched a horse-riding display that featured the national flags of both countries.

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