U.S Green Berets and Russian Spetsnaz Joint Fire Fight

On the border of Kosovo, a team of US Army Special Forces soldiers conducted joint missions with Russian Spetsnaz marking the only time in history that American operators worked with their Russian counterparts. This odd moment in history sees the two adversarial teams talking with each other about geopolitics over vodka and reacting to firefights in the streets.

This occurred during a period of heightened tensions between the West and the post-Soviet Russian Federation. NATO had just intervened in the Bosnia and Kosovo Wars which were areas that Russia viewed as within its sphere of influence. After a sniper killed a Russian soldier the two reacted to contact conducting a raid on a compound together.

Based on the book: “one green beret” by Mark Giaconia

Written by: Chris Cappy and Diego Aceituno
Edited by: Michael Michaelides

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00:00 – 02:20 Introduction
2:20 – 5:54 Green Berets and Spetsnaz Meet
5:54 – 08:04 Dangerous Trip into Serbia
08:04 – 10:47 Geopolitics of the conflict
10:47 – 13:33 Sniper Fire
13:33 – 16:10 Joint Raid Fire Fight
16:10 – 17:51 Ending

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