America’s NEW Attack Submarine is a Nightmare for China

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Fast, stealthy, and attack submarine. Feast your eyes on America’s next generation Block V Virginia class nuclear fast-attack submarine. Its new upgrades will make it the most advanced in America’s subsurface fleet that is critical to protecting the western pacific region. Please Just don’t be like that sailor in the Indian Navy who accidentally left a hatch open and deadlined their 3 billion dollar sub for a year. Guys, There are easier ways to get out of your enlistment.

But The Pentagon recently slashed the production rate of the U.S Virginia class from two per year down to just one. This triggered major backlash within the halls of Congress. Because by the Navy’s own estimates, US shipyards need to produce at least two Virginia class attack subs per year to deter future threats. Today we’re going to find out what makes the Virgina class so deadly. What role it plays in the Navy’s broader strategy. And why the Pentagon is cutting this asset in half. I’m your average infantryman chris cappy lets do this thing!

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