New weapons for Ukraine: Where does the vital aid lead? | To the Point

As soon as the West agreed to supply Ukraine with heavy battle tanks, Ukraine started to demand for more. President Zelenskyy says his country urgently needs fighter jets and submarines. Now, this has sparked a heated debate in international politics. U.S and Germany have refused to agree to this new demand. Others wonder if returning to diplomacy could be the way to end the war. So, today, on “To the Point” we ask : “New weapons for Ukraine: Where does the vital aid lead?”

00:00 New weapons for Ukraine: Where does the vital aid lead?
02:00 Can Ukraine hold it’s ground?
03:00 Will Putin escalate the war?
06:00 Must the West give Ukraine everything it needs to win?
09:00 Putin didn’t manage to create a rift between the Western countries
10:00 Little support in Ukraine for negotiations on Russia’s terms
11:00 The Western countries are deeply involved in the war
14:00 Russia hasn’t given up its aim to destroy Ukraine
16:00 Providing weapons doesn’t mean that the West is taking part in the war
18:45 Putin can’t afford to loose the war
20:00 Can the Global South play a role in solving the conflict?
23:00 Is China a possible broker in the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

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