War in Ukraine: Veteran Russian diplomat reveals Kremlin's plan | Conflict Zone

Boris Bondarev was until May of 2022 a Russian diplomat working in the foreign ministry and posted to Moscow’s mission to the United Nations activities in Geneva.

Disgusted with the war, Bondarev publicly resigned and criticized the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin.

Sham “referendums” in occupied regions of Ukraine, a mobilization of Russian conscripts and more nuclear threats from the Kremlin don’t indicate a Russian victory anytime soon.

With protests spreading in Russia, and hundreds of thousands fleeing conscription, how much has the catastrophic war in Ukraine undermined Vladimir Putin’s hold on power?

Bondarev spoke to Tim Sebastian from an undisclosed location about the future of the Putin regime.

“He’s put himself in a situation where there are no good exits,” Bondarev said.

How real is the nuclear threat? How to do Russian officials expect the West would respond to a nuclear strike from Moscow?

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00:00 Intro
00:52 Welcome to Boris Bondarev
01:10 “Referendums” in Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia
02:42 Russian mobilization
04:08 Russian military deception amd disinformation
06:30 Russia is not isolated
06:55 Poisonings of Skripals and Navalny
07:23 Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
08:34 No victory unless the West surrenders to Putin
09:05 Advance knowedge of Ukraine invasion
10:19 Nuclear strikes against the West, World War Three
11:28 Russians can suffer as long as it takes
11:48 Radioactive ruins vs. Russian values
12:55 Putin’s last resort, nuclear blackmail
13:41 Fate of regime dependent on course of war
14:59 Russian elites are split now
15:50 Why did Putin start this war?
16:50 Crimea, NATO, and Western interference
17:55 No good exits
18:20 Bondarev’s own safety
18:50 Mysterious deaths in Moscow
19:25 Nuclear weapons, Jake Sullivan, and deterrence
20:40 Indicators of Russian nuclear strike
21:20 Radiation pills in Kherson oblast
22:30 Cuban missile crisis and hotline to West
24:40 Putin is the only obstacle

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