The Canadian Town That Was Abandoned Just 18 Months After The First Families Settled There

Plans for the town of Kitsault started in 1979, when workers began mining nearby for molybdenum, an element that can be thanked for the hard, corrosion-resistant nature of steel (via Amusing Planet). Miners had already been working there for decades, mining metals like silver and lead, but the mining of molybdenum had experienced several booms and busts. It had already been mined to depletion in parts of the United States and Canada, so when American mining company Phelps Dodge learned of its prevalence in this region, they quickly began construction plans for an entire mining village.

The property spanned several hundred acres, making way for over 100 houses, and seven apartment buildings with over 200 residences. The town featured everything anyone could want — restaurants, shopping centers, banks, a post office, a bar, a pool, and two recreation centers with hot tubs, saunas, and a movie theater. The only road in or out was the same gravel road that stands today, through the mountains from Terrace. Those in the town had cable, phones, and a sewage treatment plant that actually produced the cleanest water in the area. So one might ask, with all this and the prospects of high-paying employment, why would anyone leave this mountain oasis? And why does it look like they never left?