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Ukraine has announced far-reaching gains in the east of the country, after a lightning counter-offensive. Ukraine says it has liberated 8,000 square kilometres in the Kharkiv region. But Kyiv is also reporting that troops are learning of atrocities allegedly committed by Russian forces under six months of occupation. Prosecutors have launched a war crimes probe.

00:00 Russian setbacks
There’ve been scenes of joy as Ukrainian forces arrive in communities now abandoned by Russian forces. Meanwhile, the Russian defense ministry is coming under fire at home. Even pro-war pundits and politicians have taken to TV and social media to criticize the handling of the so-called special operation. Amid the growing number of military setbacks, the war is increasingly looking like a losing battle.

01:42 Evidence of ‘Russian Crimes’ in Kharkiv region?
DW correspondent Nick Connolly is in Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv.

05:01 Russian ‘revenge strikes’ to be expected?
John Spencer is a US army veteran and the head of urban warfare studies at the US-based Modern War Institute.

08:23 EU chief vows to prevail over Putin
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said that a united Europe will prevail over Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her annual state of the union address to the European Parliament, she said that following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe had shown courage and strength. She said much was at stake not just for Ukraine, but also for Europe and the world at large.

09:23 Europe needs ‘winter of solidarity’
DW correspondent Alexandra von Nahmen spoke to Manfred Weber, head of the largest political group in the European Parliament – the European People’s Party – and she asked him for his take on Ursula von der Leyen’s speech.


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