The financial superbubble that could kill America (is happening NOW)


We’re in an economic superbubble, and it could end the financial stability of the West. Or at least that’s what world-famous crash predictors Jeremy Grantham and Michael Burry believe in any case.

A superbubble has only happened three times in the last century, and it meant catastrophe for world markets on each occasion. The worst of all was the stock market crash of 1929, an event that led to The Great Depression; the worst economic slowdown in the history of the industrialised world. Unfortunately, the one we’re in right now could be worse.

Grantham says our superbubble could be devastating because it involves more asset classes than ever before. And Michael Burry (of The Big Short fame) has been saying for over a year that we’re now on the verge of an econoic collapse, one he believes will hit us this year.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – We’re in a superbubble
0:47 – Predicting a financial collapse
2:26 – Why do they believe a crash is coming?
4:30 – What this crash could look like
6:47 – Steps to prepare for a crash
7:59 – Some final thoughts

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