The Truth About Jane Fonda's Relationship With Donald Sutherland

Though Jane Fonda described Donald Sutherland as “something of the old-world gentleman” in her memoir “My Life So Far,” Sutherland has not shied away from doing a kiss-and-tell about their fling. For starters, he has been very open about certain parts of Fonda’s anatomy that he found particularly attractive. “She had, at the time, the most beautiful breasts in the world,” Sutherland declared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The reporter also noted that the “Hunger Games” actor also confessed a “juicy, not-fit-for-print story about his costar.”

It wasn’t the only time that Sutherland has publicly discussed Fonda’s bosom. In another interview, this time with GQ, he recounted a night of passion spent at New York’s Chelsea Hotel. “I was lying on my back on the bed when Jane came out of the bathroom. She, too, was naked, and when the moonlight caught her perfect breasts I stopped breathing. Everything stopped. And then it started again. Now, when I see it in my memory, I stopped breathing again,” he recalled.

While physical passion was clearly a large part of Fonda and Sutherland’s connection, they also bonded over the shared love of activism. In fact, the duo even went on their own anti-Vietnam War tour, filming a documentary about their travels the whole while (per Rogers Movie Nation).