The Reason Syd Barrett's Final Song With Pink Floyd Was Never Recorded

Syd Barrett’s unpredictability spilled into Pink Floyd’s studio work as well. He had an idea for a song titled “Have You Got it Yet?” and the other members of the band agreed that it was viable. But every time the band tried to play it, Barrett would change it. He would change the key or the arrangement every time the band got close to learning the full song. Given the title of the song, the band soon realized that Barrett was pulling a prank on them. Roger Waters did not take it lightly and did not want to work with Barrett anymore. Pink Floyd never recorded the song and neither did Barrett on his own (per Video Muzic).

Luckily for Waters, Barrett left the band not long after the practical joke. David Gilmour joined to help offset Barrett’s inconsistent guitar playing. In April of 1968, Barrett was officially out of the band.