How computers predict if you will break the law — and what can go wrong | Techtopia

Police departments around the world use technology to predict crimes and who will commit them. But critics warn that such “predictive policing” is ineffective and often discriminates against minorities.

In this episode of DW’s Techtopia, DW Chief Technology Correspondent Janosch Delcker investigates the rise of the technology, showing how the life of one Amsterdam family was turned upside down after their teenage son was flagged as a future offender.

0:00 Intro
0:40 What to expect
1:18 The Netherlands case, part 1
3:45 How predictive policing works
4:34 How common is the use?
5:16 The Netherlands case, part 2
9:48 The controversy over predictive policing
10:05 How software can reinforce discrimination
11:17 The Netherlands case, part 3
12:17 Does predictive policing work?
13:19 Pushback
14:50 What does the law say?
15:20 The Netherlands case, part 4
17:40 When is it okay to use predictive policing?
18:35 Outro


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