What Coco Chanel Was Doing In The Final Days Before Her Death

Coco Chanel had the ambition to break the boundaries of her time. During World War I, many women worked in factories, filling in for men who were fighting in the war. For fashion, this meant that women’s clothing had to be practical and comfortable for the work environment. According to Luxe Digital, Chanel created a line of blazers, jackets, skirts, pullover sweaters, and pants that were inspired by military uniforms. Furthermore, she used darker colors, which were then seen as masculine. She created fashionable and functional clothing that was easy to wear and stated that she never designed anything that she wouldn’t wear herself.

In the 1920s, the House of Chanel expanded its business to include perfumes and cosmetics (via Chanel). Chanel No. 5, the brand’s signature scent, was released in 1921 and remains iconic to this day. Throughout the years, the fashion house added more products to its line including bags, shoes, and costume jewelry. As reported by L’Officiel, Chanel took a brief break from fashion during World War II. She came back in 1954 with a new line that consisted of knitted suits, a style that remains a staple in the fashion house to this day.