After Nathan Paet died, it was revealed that his wife Michelle had an ongoing affair with Michael Rodriguez, to whom she sent those texts in the moments leading up to her husband’s murder. Michelle Paet conspired with Rodriguez to leave her husband but not without first killing him to collect a sizable payout from the military in the event of his death, as well as a large sum from life insurance, as the Mirror reports. According to the police report (via Las Vegas Sun) “[Michelle Paet] admitted she and Rodriguez were romantically involved and planned to develop a relationship together after the murder of her husband.”

In the aftermath of Paet’s death, Michelle was questioned. At that point, she confessed to everything. As for Rodriguez, he stated he was in a hotel room with another woman at the time of the murder but when questioned, that woman stated that Rodriquez had offered her money to provide an alibi. She also claimed to be aware of the Paet-Rodriguez plot to kill Nathan after which point she’d received her payout, based on reporting from the Las Vegas Sun.