Kid McCoy’s personal life was interesting, to say the least. Aside from being a professional boxer, he also acted in theater productions and appeared in a few films during the early days of Hollywood (via People Pill). McCoy also bought a bar in Manhattan with his winnings, and it became a popular spot for men and women who wanted to have a good time. He invested his money as well, but he went bankrupt in the early 1900s. At different points in his life, he owned a car dealership, jewelry stores, and even a detective agency, but all of them eventually failed.

Throughout his life, McCoy married a total of 10 times, and three of those marriages were with the same woman. As noted by one of his spouses, per Vault, the professional boxer was a good man, but he was not fit for marriage. By 1922, McCoy reportedly went bankrupt again, and he had acquired thousands of dollars in debt. It was shortly after that when McCoy was once again the talk of the town, but it wasn’t about boxing. Instead, the people were talking about how the champion boxer murdered his girlfriend.