There are just a few thousand billionaires in the world. But their number is rising. And combined, they control a vast chunk of the entire wealth of the planet. They are also getting wealthier. According to Oxfam, the 10 richest in the world have doubled their collective wealth since the start of the coronavirus pandemic – helped by soaring stock markets and our increased reliance on technology.
In this edition of Business Beyond, we’ll look at what it takes to become a billionaire in the countries which produce the most. We’ll even speak with one. And we’ll ask a key question: should billionaires be allowed to exist?

0:00 Intro
01:42 USA: The World’s Richest
06:00 China: The Most Billionaires
09:02 Russia: Oligarchy
12:45 India: Nikhil Kamath
14:45 Inequality
16:27 Sharing The Wealth
19:08 Billionaires: Do we need them?
20:15 Goodbye


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